Thursday, July 26, 2012

what i love about new york: beautiful parks

as the time for me to leave new york (possibly) comes closer, i've been thinking a lot lately about what i love about new york and so i'm going to do a series of posts using recent happenings to explain my love for new york haha.
today's post: i love new york and its parks. of course, you all already know how much i love central park. but there are lots of other parks in new york too. there's bryant park, riverside park (right by my place), battery park, fort tyron park, gramercy park, high line, madison square park, etc.

so two weeks back, gabe, whitney and i met up for dinner. we didn't want to eat in the midtown area (like we always do) so we headed down to one of our favorite places - chelsea market.
there, we finally had lobster rolls! we've been wanting to try lobster rolls since that one saturday a couple of months ago when we first stepped into chelsea and saw the live lobsters. well, we finally did!
lobsters everywhere
getting ready to dig in!
look at how good that looks! i would have to say that it was kind of pricey though. the lobster roll came with chips and coleslaw and cost $18. i got a shock when i saw how small it was when i got it haha. definitely just getting the actual lobster next time haha.

after eating our lobster rolls deliciously, we set off to look for some dessert as usual haha. i was craving some gelato and we found one right in chelsea market - L'Arte del Gelato. it was absolutely amazing! i got the amaretto and mango. the mango was SOOOO yummy! tasted like real mango unlike other gelatos i've had (those always just taste like flavoring) and amaretto never fails me. i was so satisfied and would totally go there again. i've tried a lot of gelato places in NYC but this is the best one so far.
i was such a happy girl.

so then we decided that since it was such a nice day that we would look for a place where we could take a short stroll. chelsea market is right by high line park and so thats where we went. the high line is built on a section of the former elevated NY central railroad called the west side line. 
see the glass portion at the bottom where you can see the taxi. right behind the glass, there's a sitting area where you can sit there, listen to people play jazz music and enjoy the scenery of the busy city
you can even see the empire state building
there were gorgeous flowers everywhere!
interesting skyline with these blocks of apartment buildings
we sat and enjoyed the breeze and watched these street performers for a bit
pretty blue sky. the weather was cool too.
apartment buildings that almost look like they don't belong in NYC
our view from the bottom. you have to take an elevator to get up to the park. its pretty cool.    

so yeah, if you're in new york city and just want to take a short stroll after dinner, definitely check out the many parks that are located all over new york city. 


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