Friday, July 27, 2012

what i love about new york: broadway shows!

i have to admit that i'm probably slightly addicted to watching broadway musicals hahaha. 
well, i'm in times square almost everyday and its new york so why wouldn't you go watch the musicals right hahaha. 
here's a list of shows i've seen (according to when i watched them): phantom of the opera, newsies, ghost, mary poppins, once, ghost (2nd time), newsies (2nd time), bring it on, evita and wicked.
the trick is to get the general rush/student rush tickets or go try your luck at the lottery drawings that they have 2 hours before the shows.

phantom of the opera was the first broadway show we watched when we first got here and were still very lost around the city and unaware of the cheap tickets system haha. we weren't super stupid though. we got half price tickets at TKTS (its located in times square [also at south street seaport and downtown brooklyn] and opens at 3pm but there's usually a long line an hour or two before it opens and you can get up to half off normal tickets) but because they give you the best available tickets, your ticket still ends up costing around $70. we had orchestra area seats. 
newsies the first time around was paid for by the BYU Comms department so yay!
everything after that, i've either won the lottery or gotten rush tickets. shows that have the lottery: ghost, newsies, wicked, book of mormon and peter and the starcatcher. 
the ghost lottery is usually pretty easy to get (i've won it twice) but it also depends on the day you go. monday is not a good day to go because a lot of the other shows don't play on mondays and so people flock to those that do play on mondays. i would suggest trying a matinee show if you can (wed, sat or sun).
the wicked lottery is wicked hard to get. its all about luck seriously hahaha. newsies is pretty difficult too. 

and then for rush tickets, depending on the show, you normally need to get there by 7:30am to even have a chance of getting tickets (the box office doesn't open till 10am though). for once the musical, get there as early as possible thats for sure. that show has crazy rush tickets lines. those that only have student rush tickets, its easier to get rush tickets even if you're not there crazy early. its awesome being a student. i'm so glad my student ID doesn't expire till next year hahaha. 

anyway, so bring it on, evita and wicked are the 3 shows that i've watched recently. 
bring it on is new in town and had good reviews so we decided to go check it out since the rear mezzanine tickets weren't super expensive. 
it was a very fun musical with all the cheerleading stunts but the singing wasn't fantastic and the plot was super cheesy, i felt like i was back in high school again hahaha. 
the thing that really annoyed me was: they started letting people in really late and the doors to enter were super narrow (which probably also contributed to how slow the lines were going). and then after the show started, a huge stream of people were let into the theater and we couldn't watch the show properly because they were blocking us and taking a long time to get seated. omg i was so mad. 
there were obviously a lot of girls in the crowd. kudos to gabe for being such a good sport haha

evita: i've always wanted to watch it because the music is so good. 
i actually didn't know what it was about, except that it follows the life of eva peron. anyway, i watched the first act and was so confused as to why they chose to make her life into a musical because the first part emphasized on her not-so-glamorous life and how she basically cheated her way up the ranks to become the first lady. and so during the intermission, gabe and i googled her and realized that she was only first lady for 6 years because she died of cancer at a young age of 33. and we also read about all the great things that she did for buenos aires during that time. 
i liked the second act a lot better and i even got used to the way the main girl playing evita sang (her voice is very different and unique. its kind of raspy but after the show i decided that it fit her role). speaking of which, the girl is teeny! i didn't expect her to be so short and petite. 
overall, i liked it and i even found myself looking up more information about her life after i got home from the musical hahaha. 
we got the student rush tickets and our seats were perfect. orchestra, about 11 rows from the front.

wicked: i've tried the wicked lottery a grand total of 5 times i believe before i won this time round. i went without having any expectations and even wore really ugly clothes since i figured that i would go try and then just head home after not getting it for the sixth time haha. i was super relaxed and just reading my book as the guy explained the way the lottery works (since i already know) and then continued to read my book even as he started to read the names. he read the first name and then i realized he just called my name hahaha. first name to be called! what luck!
so i got the tickets, headed home immediately to freshen up and change into nice clothes and then headed back to the theater to meet whitney.
i just barely saw wicked in singapore over christmas break but i sat kind of far back and so my view wasn't as great i guess. 
this time, we had front row seats and you could see everything so clearly! the singing was amazing! and yeah, i really enjoyed it. the glinda looked kind of old though and so whitney and i were kind of surprised but her voice was great! and the elphaba wasn't played by the actress who normally plays that character but her voice was just as good! was definitely very impressive.
for good.

i still really want to see chicago and mamma mia. oh and also peter and the starcatcher - that one is more of a play though but it tells the story of peter pan before he became peter pan and met wendy. doesn't that sound so fun! i'm a sucker for anything disney related!
oh and i heard annie is coming back in october. fun. its also playing in singapore now i believe.
what are some of your broadway favorites? my favorites by far are still ghost and newsies. wicked comes close too haha.


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