Wednesday, August 29, 2012

goodbye my city that never sleeps

i think my heart seriously broke when i had to leave new york. 
the days leading up to it, i was just doing what i always did each day and it didn't really hit me but once i was all packed and going out on my last day, it hit me so hard.
my last day started off at the post office in harlem shipping off some stuff. the post offices in new york are always crazy busy (i've had my fair share of standing in lines as an intern sending off packages and what not). i'm just so not used to it just because i'm used to the post offices on campus that are not as crowded. 
i then spent my last afternoon catching up with rendy and jes who were in town for a vacation. i hadn't seen rendy since 3 years ago and so it was really nice to see him! we met at union square, headed over to times square - my spot haha and i just showed them around times square, brought them to get tickets to lion king and potted potter, introduced them to stuff along the way like TKTS, shake shack, etc. we then headed over to lincoln center and the temple where we had the chance to just hang out at a couch in the church building and catch up. it was a lot of fun. i really felt like i was showing them around my home, my city haha.
good ol' union square where there are lots of interesting people to watch hahaha

my last dinner was of course with my PR kids at dinosaur BBQ. we did this whole last night, farewell thing when the first half of us left the first time and so it just felt right to do it again this time. it felt so weird because we were finally at the end. 
after dinner, we took one last walk along the hudson river and it was a really gorgeous sight. breathtaking.
oh how i miss it
   we always complete our dino bbq dinners with a walk along the hudson

and then i took my last subway ride into town. from the subway stop i had grown so used to - 125 St.
i liked the 125 St stop because at least you can enjoy the breeze while waiting for the train instead of being stuck underground with all that heat

i didn't really know where i wanted to go and found myself back at times square because thats probably the one place i went to the most even though i hated the crowds of tourists haha.
my favorite building - 750 Seventh Avenue
what i saw everyday stepping out of the office
 probably my favorite musical. i wonder what the theater looks like now that they're not performing there anymore
eva peron
the street you take to majority of the broadway theaters
shake shack
the new york times
super talented street artist
 i've wanted one since i moved to new york and so i decided to make that my last purchase
i would love to be here at christmas time
saying goodbye to my favorite building in the whole city - empire state
42 St is also one of my favorite subway stops because of all the lights
one day i will be there to watch the ball drop on new year's eve
going home from the 50 St station one last time after walking round times square for a few hours

on the morning i left, i got to see the city i love one last time because i was the first one to be picked up and my shuttle had several stops to make throughout the whole city. it was really nice seeing the city i love in the morning - busy people all rushing to work (i never noticed it when i was in the midst of it) with their coffee in hand hehe. i just love the passion and determination that comes along with that look. 
last look at my room and my neighborhood

new york was everything i dreamed of and more. i had the best summer ever and wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world.
it hurts every time i see photos of new york or movies with scenes filmed in new york but i take comfort in the fact that i had this amazing opportunity to live my dream for the summer.
one day, i will go back and live and work there. 
till then, new york, i love you. 


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