Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my weekend: a lesson on marriage

this past saturday, i had the wonderful opportunity to see one of my most loved companions get married to her best friend! it was a most special experience.
as i sat there watching them just sit hand in hand, i realized that they looked SO happy. a look of happiness i probably haven't seen in a very long time. blissful happiness.
and then as they kneeled across each other at the altar, i saw two lives joined together as one. it was really touching. there's always some nervousness about making such big decisions and small gestures such as mike holding patrice's hands tight gave her the security she needed. also, their eyes were focused on each other the whole time and tears came down their cheeks. and then the ultimate gesture of love - mike reaching into his pocket for a napkin and wiping away patrice's tears. my heart melted. 
as i went up to the couple to congratulate them, tears flowed down my cheeks and i felt such happiness for them!
the happy couple coming out of the temple after the sealing
mike is already much loved by the kids
newlyweds. i love the second picture cause it was their "well well, we're married" pose hahaha
presenting mrs edlefsen!

it was also so so neat to notice the older married couples during the sealing ceremony. i watched as all the couples sat hand in hand and you could tell from their faces that they were remembering their own wedding ceremony and the feelings that they felt when they got married.
there's nothing more important than a temple marriage. not "till death do us part" but "for time and all eternity."

i rode up with the isoms to rexburg for the wedding and watching the way they interacted in the car, i learned a few important lessons about marriage. 
even after 41 years of marriage, he still calls her 'cutie.'
also, the way they speak to each other, you can tell that they show each other a lot of respect in their marriage. they are polite in their speech and still make sure to say 'thank you' and 'you're welcome.'
she sat in the back scrapbooking while he drove and he would make sure to warn her of any sharp turns beforehand so that she could make sure the things don't slide. 
she would make sure he was getting enough to drink and what not.
she would also offer to drive if he was getting too tired.
and they're so completely honest with each other. i feel like guys tend to hide their feelings a lot because they feel they have an image to keep in front of their wives but if he felt tired, he told her he did. he never tried to keep up an image. that was a side of guys that was really new and refreshing to me.

anyway, another one married and another set of newlyweds to answer my question, "how's married life?" with "it's great. i highly recommend it" hahahaha   



  1. I loved the way you described everything in this post. And I love all the people you were talking about, which makes it even better!