Thursday, August 23, 2012

new york made me crazier/more adventurous?

its been awhile since i left new york and in these past few weeks, i've done some things that most people who know me well would probably never see me doing ever.
the only way i can explain it - new york has made me crazy hahaha. but i think it's kind of fun that i'm so crazy and willing to kind of just try whatever now. so, don't underestimate me anymore hahaha.

1. building stuff from scratch - furniture in this case. my sister just moved up to tooele and her room was unfurnished so she had to buy a bookshelf and table and all that. we just bought the cheap ones from ikea and walmart and so we had to build them from scratch.
forgot to take photos while i was building the table but here's the end product! the drawers were probably the trickiest ones.
starting to build the bookshelf
using a hammer to nail in 20 nails
putting in the final pieces to prop up the shelves
done. you can't really see it but i'm trying to show that my hands are very dirty after building the bookshelf

2. hiking. so kersti and marcus wanted to do something before marcus left for china and so after sleeping on it and brainstorming, the idea of hiking stewart falls and having a picnic was proposed. i don't know what i was thinking but i said yes without even hesitating. I NEVER GO HIKING hahaha. i've just always been too girly for that hahaha. anyway, i think my outfit and my purse were still pretty bimbotic hahaha. 
it was quite the adventure because we drove for like an hour because we couldn't find the trail head for stewart falls and so we ended up just going to squaw peak. we started by watching people hand glide and that was fun. then we headed on our little hike and it was actually pretty steep! at the end of the hike, we sat and had a little picnic with trail mix, oranges, veggies, etc. it was great because there was a nice cool breeze blowing at us to cool us down as well.
just took off
there was quite a crowd of people taking off that day
good workout

so yeah, if you're doing stuff that i normally wouldn't do, call me and maybe i'll be crazy and join you hehe.