Thursday, August 9, 2012

PR fashion

i was flipping through my september issue of lucky and came across a section where they interviewed comms girls about their fashion style.
this made me think about the way PR girls dress and i realized that there is a certain style that kind of comes to mind when i think of PR girls.
just from my own experience, i personally feel that PR girls dress well.
at my internship and from what i've seen interviewing at PR firms, these are the few styles that are popular:

1. plain top with bright skirt/patterned skirt - the skirts are normally high-waist skirts and the shirts are tucked into the skirts

 2. printed top/top with ruffles or bow or something and a solid color skirt - PR girls do the whole shirt tucked into skirt thing a lot

3. during the spring or fall, cardigans are very popular for completing outfits. you can have a few basic cardigans and you can pair it with different outfits to make it look less plain if you want to just wear a white cami tucked into your bright skirt or like this:
4. belts - PR girls like to do the whole dress, cardigan over with belt at the waist or simply the belt over a loose dress or belt to top off a plain shirt tucked into skirt outfit

5. casual fridays/summer casual - plain tops with colored jeans is a hot favorite. or lace/sheer tops with dark colored skinny jeans. the mint is my personal favorite.

6.  PR girls wear a lot of skirts and dresses so sometimes they use a blazer to complete their outfit or make it look more preppy

7. in the fall or during the rainy season, PR girls often wear boots with their skirts/dresses and complete their outfits with cute scarves

8. contrary to popular belief, PR girls actually do not walk around in heels all day. instead, they opt for cute flats or sandals in the summer. heels are reserved for the events we may have to attend for clients.

9. PR girls normally don't do anything special to their hair. occasionally, they'll curl it or make it wavy like the photo of lauren conrad below but usually, they just let it fall naturally (especially in new york where nothing you do to your hair matters anyway because the humidity ruins it haha)

10. PR girls change their nail color a lot. but they usually just go for the solid colors instead of fancy nail art.

so, are you a PR girl? what do you think? or have you noticed a certain type of style showing in the way your PR friends dress?


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