Monday, August 13, 2012

this is home, truly

i've been meaning to blog for awhile but i always feel lazy to start because i take such a long time to consolidate my thoughts. 
coming back to utah, my favorite thing has been meeting up with the singaporeans. i didn't realize it but it's something i've really missed - having that familiar feeling of home.
we first all met up my first saturday here with a potluck at my place. we inhaled our singaporean food and then spent the night playing games - dai dee to be exact in order to make it extra singaporean hahaha. i laughed so much, i wasn't used to it haha. i don't remember the last time i laughed so hard. only with the singaporeans. 

and then i don't know how i could lose track of time like that but i forgot national day was coming up. thankfully i was back here and my singaporean friends threw a party hahaha. 
on national day, i woke up, got dressed in red and white, painted my nails red and white and thought about my favorite national day parade song - home. that song never fails to make me remember how much i love singapore.

our national day party consisted of eating pizza, playing games and watching this year's national day parade, all while enjoying pandan cake and rose syrup drink/bandung. very singaporean hahaha. watching the NDP brought back so many memories. it's been years since i lasted watched the parade. can't believe it's been so long and i hadn't noticed. 
jaylin is like a pro at making pandan cake haha. 
we couldn't hook it up to the tv and so here's the NDP watching people sharing a small screen and holding up the speakers hehe
our no. 1 patriot: john chan. he wore the singapore flag while playing games with us and the second photo was taken when the national anthem was played and we asked him to raise the flag (each morning at school in singapore, we all have to go to a flag-raising ceremony and sing the national anthem and recite the national pledge)
he then put the flag on my sister while she was super focused on her game hahaha
singaporeans. decked out in red and white with the singapore flag in the background :)

while i was looking up singapore food, i came across a wikipedia entry that has a list of all the different types of singaporean food. so for people who always ask me, "what kind of food do you have in singapore?" here you go - singaporean cuisine
we ended the night playing mahjong. omg i've missed it so much. so much so, we gathered again on friday night and played from 7:30pm - 1:30am hahaha. we also chatted and reminisced on childhood memories while at it so it was filled with a lot of laughter, interrupted only by the occasional 'pong' and 'hu' hahaha.

whenever I am feeling low
I look around me and I know
there’s a place that will stay within me
wherever I may choose to go
I will always recall the city
know every street and shore
sail down the river which brings us life
winding through my Singapore

this is home, truly
where I know I must be
where my dreams wait for me
where that river always flows
this is home, surely
as my senses tell me
this is where I won’t be alone
for this is where I know it’s home


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