Friday, August 24, 2012

what i love about new york: queens

i just realized that i never blogged about queens like i said i was going to!
anyway, queens is a 35 minutes subway ride from midtown area (times square/grand central) and it seriously feels like hong kong there. 
if you want good asian food, go to queens because its good and cheap there, unlike manhattan's chinatown. 
and depending on which part of queens you're at, you feel like you're in a different part of asia in each area hahaha.
i spent a lot of time in flushing because thats where the asian food is at. subway line #7, purple line, all the way to the last stop. i always just watch a video on my phone or read a book and the ride is super fast.

anyway, dawn was living in queens and so we met up to play one saturday afternoon and hung out in basically the korea town of queens. 
i was craving good jajangmyun and so dawn brought me to this korean restaurant (sam won gak) that i had been wanting to try for awhile. omg, it was SO GOOD! tasted just like the one i always eat in korea.
how cute is this girl? and look at how yummy our food looks. it was a super cheap meal too!

after lunch, we wanted to sing karaoke but decided against it because its more expensive to sing karaoke on the weekends. there are a ton of karaoke places in flushing and if you go on a weekday, it is actually really reasonable - you pay a certain amount each hour for a room and so if you have more people its more worth it.
and then dawn was being a bad resident and wanted me the guest to decide what to do without giving me any options whatsoever hahaha. but honestly, in flushing, your only option is to eat basically.
we ended up taking a little walk, doing some asian shopping and then finally going to koryodong for my favorite korean summer treat - patbingsoo! 
p.s. the malls in flushing are straight up asian and so they're not your regular malls. they look like the malls in asia, except, i feel like their asian stuff are super overpriced so i wouldn't recommend it.
SO YUMMY. paris baguette has good patbingsoo too. 
we sat, ate dessert and chatted for like 4 hours i think haha

by the time we were done chatting, it was dark out (around 9 ish). dawn's little sister sarah came to meet us and then her mom came to pick us all.
i really miss all the good asian food you can get in queens. like in korea town, you can go to the small korean food places and get all the korean street food. omg so good!
there's also good boba everywhere as well as asian bakeries.

so that's queens. my next new york blog post will be about my last night in new york :( what a bittersweet night it was.


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