Thursday, August 2, 2012

what i love about new york: summer events

if there's a good time to be in new york, i would say summer is a pretty good time (if you're not afraid of the heat and humidity).
why? its because there are tons of free activities going on around the city and therefore, you can always find something to do. 
just at central park, you have the free central park summerstage, new york philharmonic in the park and shakespeare in the park. 
on friday mornings from may to august, there's free Good Morning America summer concerts (in central park as well) and NBC Today Show's summer concerts held at the rockefeller center (this year they even had justin bieber and some of my friends actually went at 5am in the morning to stand in line or whatever omg)
and if you check out any of the major parks in new york city, there's usually something going on in the evenings. 

so since i'm living in new york this summer, i had to do at least one of these events right? 
as per my last post, you already know that i'm obsessed with broadway shows. therefore, i chose to go to broadway in bryant park. from july to august, broadway in bryant park is held every thursday during lunch hour (12:30pm) so you can just slip out from work, walk there (provided you work in the times square/6th avenue area) and have your lunch while you listen and watch performances from popular Broadway musicals. 
the week i went, there were performances from cirque du soleil, wicked, memphis, sister act and ghost.
ghost is probably my favorite broadway musical so that was definitely fun and then i love wicked as well. i have not seen memphis and sister act (both closed now) and so it was fun to get a little taste of it.
(top left - bottom left, clockwise): cirque du soleil doing their little flag throwing performance (i was impressed by their use of the space they were given - being a dancer, i know how annoying it is when you have a whole dance routine and then you show up to an event and you realize that the stage is teeny), donna vivino singing the wizard and i from wicked, the leads from memphis (my impression of memphis from the 2 performances they did - its a very soulful musical, maybe a little too much for my liking hahaha), sister act (it looked very spunky, especially with the dancing from the back up dancers/singers) 
richard fleeshman from ghost the musical singing unchained melody+i will follow you into the dark
here's a video link of the 3 songs they sang. here right now is one of my favorite song from the musical (it's the opening song) and its funny cause i've heard the song so many times, i realized that caissie levy came in early after the little break in the middle of the song hahaha. but it was a good save she did by dragging it out.
1. walked around the corner at the end of the concert and saw caissie levy/2. davine performing her super fun # "i'm outta here"/3. richard fleeshman watching davine's performance from the side of the stage and he's always on his phone! probably tweeting hahaha
the talented richard fleeshman

so yeah, if you're ever in new york city in the summer (the heat these few weeks actually hasn't been too bad at all), go hit up these free concerts and you'll understand what a talented city new york city is. i mean, afterall, its home to julliard, broadway musicals, new york city ballet, american ballet theater, etc etc etc haha.
anyway, hope your summer's been going well wherever you are and that the heat hasn't been too bad.


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