Friday, August 3, 2012

what i love about new york: west village

i'm sitting at the baltimore airport waiting for my next flight and am not hungry and am slightly sleepy (so i can't read my book). since there is free wi-fi, i decided that i would blog.
today is another day of what i love about new york. are you sick of my what i love about new york series yet hahaha. hopefully you've fallen in love with the city as well. if not, keep reading. 
so, i love that there are so many different parts of manhattan to explore.
new york city is commonly divided up into what we call the 5 boroughs - manhattan, the bronx, brooklyn, queens and staten island. 
manhattan is of course my favorite borough, staten island has absolutely nothing, i've never been up in the bronx haha (i'm secretly afraid of sketchy places), queens - to me = cheap and good asian food haha and brooklyn - brooklyn bridge, similar to manhattan but much cheaper, coney island. 
anyway, manhattan itself is divided up into different portions - upper west side (where i live), harlem (soul food), upper east side (rich, celebrities, think of the hamptons haha), midtown (times square, offices, overpriced everything since its the center of manhattan), west village, east village, soho, chelsea/meatpacking district, chinatown, little italy, flatiron district, etc. 

whats fun about that for me is that there are always new places to explore. 
since i live on the upper west side, i'm familiar with that area. i'm close to columbia university and so its like a college town in that area.
midtown: i go there way too often because of the number of shows i see, korea town, thats where my office was; plus, its central (so like orchard road in singapore). 

so, last friday, i suggested to gabe and whitney that we go explore west village since we had never been. west village is also a hot spot to hang out and look out for celebrities on a saturday morning (if that's your kind of thing) because they all hang out in that area.
we looked up restaurants in the area and i picked out a couple of them that looked good to me. gabe picked one out of the 3 options i gave and thats where we went - malastesta.

malastesta is your typical chill, laid back, italian restaurant that feels like a family restaurant. its kind of an open layout where you can choose to sit outdoors and enjoy the breeze amidst the sun or indoors and still have the breeze reach you. it wasn't too crowded and so there's no one rushing you or anything.
the menu has a few simple pasta dishes so its not hard to pick  (i always have a hard time picking when there are too many good dishes and i just want them all haha). i chose the special -  spaghetti with clams, gabe had the insalata mista (mixed salad) and i think whitney had the caprese.
my spaghetti with clams - there were a lot of clams (which was good because that means i'm getting what i pay for haha) but i think i would have liked it better in a cream sauce instead of the light white sauce that they chose to put it in
whitney's looked so good. fresh mozarella and tomato basil. guess you can't go wrong with that.
we chose a table that was close to the door but not outdoors so we could enjoy the breeze while seated indoors. it was perfect (except for the fact that the table was kind of small and the leg space was very cramped hahaha)
humble, unpretentious setup

after finishing our dinner, we headed over to molly's cupcakes for our sweet treat. i had been hard at work at the gym all week and was really good with what i ate too and so i was so ready for this treat haha. 
whitney had been raving about this place since she visited it the first week she got to new york and so i figured i had to try this place. 
honestly, i still prefer sprinkles or baked by melissa. molly's cupcakes were REALLY MOIST. i'm not saying that i like my cupcakes dry but i do like them closer to the consistency of a cake rather than that of a cheesecake. i had the blueberry cheesecake cupcake, gabe had the creme brulee and whitney had the cookie monster (chocolate chip cookie dough).
their peach cobbler cupcake is the one that helped them win when they were on cupcake wars
i just think cupcakes are so pretty
presenting to you your cupcake models hahaha (i zoomed in to get a close shot of my cupcake and then didn't zoom out and so thats why my head is huge in this shot hahaha)
the things i make my friends do. sorry. but don't they look cute with their little cupcakes though haha.

so that was our little night of exploration. bleecker street is also in the west village area and there are tons of good restaurants and cute stores down that street as well. if you haven't already noticed, i especially love places/areas where there are cute little shops that are unique in their own way.   

anyway, thats all for today. i think i'm going to get myself a little something to eat now. enjoy your weekend! stay tuned for my next post about queens.


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