Monday, August 27, 2012

what i love about utah: jess

the last time i saw jess was 3 years ago when i was in the MTC and about to go into the mission field. then i went on my mission and when i got home from my mission, she was on her mission. and then she came back to school and i had already graduated and moved on to new york.
so, my coming back to utah this time marked our reunion and oh its been so fun! we can hang out everyday and not get sick of each other!
let's see, we spent the whole last weekend together and almost the whole of this week together hahaha. mostly we get together and play mahjong or we go out to shop and eat and then just chat. there was this one night we sat at her place after dinner chatting about secondary and JC school days and got so carried away, it was almost 2am by the time we realized it was pretty late hahaha.
with jess, i can talk about everything! i feel totally comfortable plus we have so many years of memories together to reminisce about hahaha.
she fell asleep and didn't even hear us when we called her name a few times
we've always been known as the ice-cream monsters
enjoying our yummy almond and mango boba
eating a feast at green panda cafe
ice-cream again hahaha

thanks jess for always being there for me and for being the dodo bird that you are hahaha. friday clique forever hahaha. and mahjong mahjong hahaha.


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