Saturday, August 25, 2012

what i love about utah: mission/MTC friends

the one thing i love about utah is the abundance of people from my mission days living here haha. utah is the center of everything mormon and so it is not surprising that most of the senior couples from my mission live here and that most of the returned missionaries from my mission go to school in provo/are from utah. 
it makes things really nice and convenient for mission reunions and seeing mission people hahaha.
just last night at dinner, i bumped into mcclain at cafe rio. what a small world. if you thought the world was small before, let me tell you that the mormon world is a much smaller world where everyone knows a friend or relative of yours really randomly haha. 

that being said, i've had the opportunity to meet up with some of the people i love so much during my time here. 

1. marcus tanner - my jdawgs buddy! he's actually left me and gone to china to pursue new adventures for 4 months :( but it was really good to have lunch with him and catch up on his whole summer. i can't believe it went by so fast!
we have a few of these meetup photos and its a tradition that we'll always have :)
2. a trip to utah would not be complete without a meal with my closest companion - kersti spjut. indian food was the choice this time and omg, i always love catching up with kersti because her life is always so eventful and i love hearing all about it! and of course, we can always spend hours talking about mission stories and laughing our heads off hahahaha.
bombay house
3. monika malmrose. we were craving some sushi and so we had dinner up in salt lake at a japanese restaurant called kyoto. the sushi was actually good - unlike the ones you get in the provo area hahaha. we split an appetizer and 2 rolls. super filling and super yummy!
the fried squid appetizer. we didn't expect the plate to be so big hahaha.
our dragon roll which was really really delicious. (we also got the spider roll but i didn't get a picture of it)
4. amber courtright. its amazing how we were only companions for like a week in the MTC but we're like the best of friends. i see her the most and talk to her the most out of all my MTC friends hahaha. this time, we took a little walk around thanksgiving point gardens since it was only $2 on tuesdays. the gardens were gorgeous and i secretly want to take my engagements there hahaha. the space also really reminded me of central park for some strange reason.
flowers galore
pretty amber feeding the fishes
what a great view
secret garden
italian garden
we failed at getting the waterfalls in the background but oh well.
      here's a picture of the waterfalls if you were wondering how it looked hahaha
5. anna robison. i always seem to miss her even when we're in the same state at the same time and so this time i was determined to at least see her once. we had dinner at cafe rio and caught up. 
we were even sort of matching with the whole white top tucked into a skirt thing hahaha
so yeah, it's been fun and i enjoy being close to my friends and i guess i will continue to be close to them since i'll be staying in utah! still can't believe that!