Friday, August 24, 2012

what i love about utah: my sister!

i haven't really talked much about being in utah even though i've been in town for like 3 weeks now.
i can't believe time has passed so quickly! i've just been interviewing and having the time of my life.
the first week, i basically just spent a ton of time with my sister before she moved up to tooele to start her new life. we ate good food that i've missed and shopped for furniture for her new home. fun stuff.

first stop after i landed: myung ga. i wanted to have good korean food since we were up in the salt lake area. 
well, i was extremely disappointed because not only has the quality of the food deteriorated, the service was extremely terrible. i did enjoy my patbingsoo though. especially since the weather was so hot!
the tang su yok was probably the most disappointing dish of the night
i love patbingsoo!

monday: we went furniture shopping at ikea. before bouncing on all the different beds available, we filled our tummies with yummy swedish meatballs - a must at ikea.
the last time i had ikea meatballs was the beginning of the year!
clothes shopping was after furniture shopping and we had a lot of fun. in fact, we ended up shopping till the stores closed hahaha. imagine that.
they have really funny glasses at claire's hahaha
trying on pretty dresses at mikarose

tuesday: of course we had to go to buffalo wild wings for wings tuesday. oh how i've missed it. we were also up at city creek and so of course, we got some banana cream cheesecake to go from cheesecake factory. new york made me addicted to cheesecake.
i do hate though that they only allow you to change a flavor after every 5 wings now and not 4 wings like before
the only kind of cheesecake i ever get from cheesecake factory
so yeah, my sister has been so nice with making sure i get to eat everything i've missed. after she moved up to tooele, i crashed at her place twice and we made kueh lapis, had cafe rio, etc haha. also, since we're both in the same state again, we got to resume our group skype sessions with our cute grandma and that was a lot of fun. its always fun to have family nearby.
she was at my aunt's house and so it was a nice skype chat between 4 of us. lots of laughter :)

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