Wednesday, September 19, 2012

give your heart a break;

i just finished a drama so i have some free time hahaha.
my life now: work, dinner and then an episode of whatever drama i'm watching and then bedtime at 10pm hahaha.
i just finished watching "a gentleman's dignity" and i actually really liked it. its about 4 middle aged guys, their friendships and their love lives. i didn't think i would like it because its about middle aged men but i absolutely enjoyed the friendship aspect of it. at the start of each episode, they would show a scene from their past (when they were in high school and college) and it just made it more touching because it showed how their friendships have developed and they're still as close. and the whole drama showed how they were always there for each other, just one phone call away. and to me, thats the true essence of friendship - always being able to rely on your friends to share your problems or be there for you in certain situations. you can call them crying and they would know what to do or just listen to you and calm you down.
and of course, i always covet the girls' clothes! everytime i watch a korean drama, all i want to do is go shopping because i love their style! and omg, the girls have such amazing figures so its depressing too hahaha. but then again, their skirts are always too short hahaha. and some of the clothes, if i modified the outift to match it with a knee-length skirt, then it'll look retarded because they match their short skirts with blazers that make outfits look like a lawyer's if i extended the skirt length.
the girls. i love kim ha neul's black dress!
this isn't a good representation of her clothes but i loved her character's clothes the most

so i've been thinking a lot about my own friendships and i kind of miss my friends in singapore. we have a really good relationship but the distance keeps us apart. we can't just meet up as and when we want or call each other when we need to.
my jc friends: they went to support one of the girls in our clique at her band performance and as she thanked them in our whatsapp group chat, i could feel that love - going to support your friend at something even if you don't understand much about music, but doing so just cause you know it means a lot to her. 
my disney friends: being truly concerned about each other's lives when something big happens ("how was your move? how is your husband liking grad school?) and taking 2 hours out of your crazy schedule if your friend calls you crying. can't wait for a reunion!
got together to celebrate kenzie's birthday last month. isn't baby clarke just the cutest!

anyway, other than being emo about being away from my friends in singapore, i've been spending my weekend with friends in provo. also, i've been spending my weekdays with my older sister in tooele and then my weekends with sammie in provo. i can only move into my new place next month and i've hated being in limbo but i think its really been a good transition for this situation of us 3 living apart in 3 cities. makes it more bearable and i get to spend time with both of them so they're not so lonely hahaha.
weekend #1:
 just a friday night at green panda cafe
and then we almost always spend saturdays shopping because i don't have homework to do hahaha. poor sammie hahaha.
do you like her kitty ears? she tried to convince me to buy that for halloween. speaking of which, i really need some ideas for halloween costumes because apparently they take it very seriously at my workplace hahaha
saturday night: much awaited korean food dinner with my favorite asian friend caressa
sunday night:
 i love how wayna is the only one smiling at the camera
this is how we asians do surprise birthday parties - go big!
 happy birthday sandra!
 love candid shots

weekend #2:
 saturday night: we tried a new restaurant in provo called black sheep cafe and omg, i absolutely loved it! the seasoning for the meat was really good and the sweet potato fries were amazing (it can totally compete with guru's for best potato fries)
drinks at spark after because sam had never been
these 2 totally should have roomed together. they get along so well!
spending all our weekends together = <3
 watched the football game there and omg, it was so frustrating!

i'm running out of things to do in provo though hahaha. most of the time we just hang out with caressa for dinner hangouts and then spend the rest of our time with the boys playing mahjong or whatever haha. we see the boys the whole weekend basically because we go to church together on sunday and then hang out after church. 
the boys are not in town this weekend so we'll probably end up going to a dollar movie and then dining with caressa again or shopping hahaha.
i've done so much shopping lately though because forever 21 has so many cute clothes and i just want to buy new clothes for work since i'm actually getting an income now.

anyway, i apologize if this post does not make sense because i've been typing while watching boys over flowers with rissa's roommate hahaha. and now i need to sleep.


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