Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i'm a writer

in my family, i'm the writer.
my sisters hate to write but me, my profession requires me to write a lot and i love it.
i love being able to express myself through written words, without even having to say anything.
words are so powerful.
and therefore, i'm the only one with a blog and a stack of journals that have piled up over the years.
i also love taking photos and developing them (for fear of losing the digital files and the memories forever). but thinking about it, it makes broken relationships a lot more painful because there are a million photos that continue to remind me of what used to be so good. 

anyway, the past weekend has made me think a lot about my family.
i'm so grateful i have sisters. they are the best!
i live with my older sister on the weekdays and my little sister on the weekends haha.
as i mentioned before, i really hated the situation at first (i can only move into my new place in october) but its been good.
everyday after work, i come home to home cooked food already prepared so i can eat dinner, laze around and then sleep. 
sleeping in the same room as my older sister also allows us to chat at night before we sleep, just like when we were little.
and then i try to help out when she's pooped by being the maid and washing the dishes so its a good situation.
and then on the weekends, sammie goes shopping with me and eats out with me. its what i really need after a crazy week of work. it makes me feel happy and relaxed. and its good for her too because she can escape from her annoying roommates.
imagine if i am here alone transiting into work life and not having a place to live. i would be homeless and depressed hahaha.
anyway, i can't express my feelings enough but having sisters in close proximity has been great even if we all live/work in different cities in the state.

this past weekend:
i finished yet another drama (i love working life because i don't have to do homework after work and so i can just watch dramas and what not) and omg, it was so so so cute! its called reply 1997 and there were a ton of 1990s references like dial-up internet, etc so if you grew up in asia in the 90s, you'll really love it. 
 the super cute main couple
the whole drama keeps you in great suspense because there is no clear indication that they get together at the end
and as usual, i'm in love with her outfit! their clothes. ahhhh. always so pretty! 
on sunday, we went to the temple and saw sister khong and sister sia
lazing around after dinner
sunday dinner with the girls

we've also been trying to skype my grandma more and i think it really helps in making her happier :)
i'm so glad families are eternal :)
skyping with grandma!

anyway, this whole blogging while watching tv is not working for me because i can't express my thoughts well and its all just super incoherent so i'll stop now.
on a different note, work has been really good (busy busy busy) and my weekends have been fun fun fun, if you were curious hehe.
my company blogged about my joining the team after a month of work so if you're curious to know what i do at work, you can read the blog post.


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