Friday, September 14, 2012

labor day weekend

omg its been forever since i've blogged and i apologize.
let's see, what has happened? basically, i got myself a nice job as an account coordinator at one of salt lake's biggest advertising and PR firm - Penna Powers Brian Haynes. and so, i fell off the face of the planet. 
well, not really but basically because i'm at work till 6pm or later everyday, i take 37 minutes to drive home, have dinner and then i basically go to bed after that hahaha. and then i wake up the next morning and repeat the process hahaha.
my sister and i spent our night shopping at city creek tonight and over dinner, we were talking about how we live with each other (i'm staying at her place temporarily before i can move into my place in salt lake next month. it's going to be so nice when my drive becomes a 10 minutes drive) but we don't really see each other much or interact much because we're both just so tired hahaha.

the last time we really got to spend quality time with each other and sam was 2 weekends ago. it was labor day and so we had a long weekend.
we kicked off friday night with an all you can eat shrimp dinner at red lobster.
we heard a lot about it and so we wanted to go try. it was alright. we only had 2 rounds of shrimp.
chen sisters

on saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to drive all the way to brigham city for the temple open house.
it was a beautiful morning and it was a nice way to start our saturday.
going through the whole thing brought back so many mission memories - the temple video, putting on booties, etc. i could not bring myself to eat a cookie though. 
brigham city temple
everytime i'm out with jess, people always ask if we're sisters. apparently she and i look more alike than my sisters and i hahaha
and then we started going crazy with our jump shots hahaha
 we must have been extremely exhausted after all that jumping because on our way out, we just sat down and chatted for the longest time hahaha

we finally got hungry and left to have lunch in bountiful at joy luck. our afternoon was spent looking for housing for me and shopping at ocean mart hahaha.
we really didn't have much energy left by the afternoon because we got sleepy after lunch hahaha.
surprisingly, we didn't go home to sleep. instead, we went with rissa to get her hair cut, went to the mall and then proceeded to wild ginger for dinner.
dinner was good! their sushi was actually good (except for the fried ones) and we definitely ordered all the expensive ones, making our AYCE worth it haha.
the sushi was nicely presented. oh, it did have a little bit too much sauce on it though.
the sisters
haha don't you just love the second photo hahaha

sunday: day of rest hahaha. slept in followed by church. and then we had dinner and mahjong with the boys. 

monday: slept in again. 
we did get our butts up for lunch though. had a big feast at spicy corea with jess.
squid and pork belly
add in white and they'll look like an american flag hahaha
we got the 'glowing' side hahaha

did a bunch of random stuff in the afternoon and then dinner was fun.
the boys invited us to make tin foil dinners with them.
so we went to vivian park up in the canyons, where we could feel close to nature, and had yummy tin foil dinners cooked by keith.
it was a really nice experience. something very different from just getting together and eating out. i really enjoyed it.
pre-dinner entertainment: ryan teaching charles how to dance gangnam style hahaha
these sisters of mine were freezing. no idea why hahaha
it was quite dark by the time we ate
potatos, carrots, mushrooms, onions, ground beef in a yummy sauce - cooked to perfection by keith's loving tender care hahaha

that weekend seems like a long time ago now.
and omg, its been so long since i had so much fun.
nowadays, all i want to do is sleep and chill hahaha.
last weekend, i spent the whole weekend with the boys just playing mahjong and hanging out hahaha.
i'm turning into a boring person. oh no.
but i really do enjoy spending time with people i care about and it doesn't have to be anything super adventurous as long as i'm spending time with them.
i love mahjong. that is all.

well, here's to a new weekend and hopefully lots of fun before the work week begins again next week hahaha.

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