Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a weekend of reunions

i'm such a planner.
if you're part of my family or lived with me in new york, you'll know that i like to plan things out way in advance and that loose plans drive me crazy!
well, right now i'm in total planning mode again. planning out my vacation time so i can book my ticket home to singapore, planning out my long weekends (martin luther king long weekend in new york and memorial day weekend in alberta with vicki & her baby), etc. 
and then there's the short-term planning that needs to be done too - this weekend's plans (MOVING TIME, wedding reception(s) to go to, look up taken 2 showtimes, buy tickets, plan my outfits hahaha). yeah, i can be very overwhelming so you'll either hate me or love me for being super organized hahaha.
kind of reminds me of monica in friends when she helped plan phoebe's wedding and she drove her nuts hahaha
but hey, its a super useful skill for work thats for sure. especially when you have to juggle events and clients and what not. 

anyway, this past weekend was the ultimate weekend of reunions.
friday morning i got off to a rough start because i woke up and was SUPER dizzy. i almost fell over when i first stood up. went and got in the shower and was still dizzy.
started blow drying my hair and i just could not keep my head up. i had to lean against my bed pretty much the whole time. after i was all ready, i knew i just couldn't drive in that state and so i texted me boss and she told me to stay home.
i went back to bed till 9:30am, woke up, still felt dizzy, went back to bed, woke up at 10:30am and went to work. yeah workaholic i know. the good thing is, i slowly felt better and by the end of the work day, i was fine. weird huh hahaha.
had the mission reunion and i was planning on just staying for like an hour or less. i ended up staying till the very end, cleaning up and all. i surprised myself because i actually bothered to talk to people and felt happy hahaha.
chinese missionaries
chinese sister missionaries - i just realized that we were all companions with sister song!
its always funny when people ask us how we know each other since we served at different times
basically my best friend on the mission (and his wife - who i get along so well with)
president and sister nelson - love hearing them share a message each mission reunion. its like zone conference all over again

and then i drove really quickly back to provo so sam and i could go catch "pitch perfect."
it was pretty good. i really liked the singing and all. and i think a lot of people can relate to the main girl's character of closing herself up and choosing to be alone for fear of being hurt.

saturday: conference all day - spiritual food and then we feasted on real food in between sessions.
yin yang blend
we stuffed our faces with all you can eat hotpot! oh so good especially since it was a cold day too

and then at night, it was the best reunion ever - with my disney girls! we've been waiting forever for tawni to come up to the area so we could have our much-needed reunion. its been like 3 years since i last saw tawni and omg, we got to shirley's place and we just sat and talked for a really long time. it was sooooo good! and then we remembered that we were going to get in the hot tub so we changed and took the conversation out there hahaha. we talked about disney memories, our lives now and just giggled like little girls. omg, i really hope we can have a disneyworld reunion some day when we're all married and have kids.
the hot tub was so much fun but when you're not in the hot tub, its freezing hahaha. while we were trying to get the tub set up and while we were trying to pack everything up, we were all just shaking in our towels hahaha
and this is why i love them hahaha
the hot tub was really cool. you could turn out the waves and swim against the waves and it was quite a workout hahaha. here's maggie demonstrating the swim hahaha.

sunday: more general conference. i loved it all but i especially loved the whole theme of the conference - serve more. and there were many words of comfort spoken. especially during president eyring's and president uchtdorf's talks. and of course, elder holland's talk is always so powerful. i started my monday listening to those talks again because i wanted to continue feeling the spirit so strong!
"God is never hidden"
"It's not a race, it's a journey; enjoy the moment"
"Good intentions are not enough; we must do"
"Life is not meant to be appreciated only in retrospect"
"There's something in each day that can bring gratitude  and joy; if only we will see it"
"Although His time is not always our time, the Lord always keeps His promises"
"The crowning message of love is loyalty"
"We will never look back until His work is finished"
"I need disciples and I need them forever" 

and so, that was my amazing weekend. it was the perfect balance of love, friends, fun, warmth, spiritual guidance and all. i even got to skype my grandma 2 days in a row (and today and yesterday too! woohoo!)
she looks much better now!


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