Monday, October 22, 2012

happy birthday rissa!

i cannot believe yet another year has passed since rissa's last birthday and that i am writing a birthday blog post for her again.
i'm so grateful for such an awesome big sister! she always worries about me and makes sure that i'm taken care of before herself. like when i first moved into my new place and she came all the way just to help me build my bed and dresser. 
i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to get home in time for the ikea delivery men and so she put aside all her grading and drove all the way to my house to wait for them while i was in a work meeting.
and then as i mentioned, i got upset and frustrated (because i was exhausted from work and i bet she was too) while trying to build the dresser and was about to throw a tantrum and give up and just go eat my dinner. she patiently just worked on it and thats really the only reason we were able to get done.
by the time we were done eating and all that, it was 11 plus and she had to drive 45 minutes back to her house and before going home, she still had to go to walmart to buy stuff for her lesson the next day and so she didn't get home till 1am. 
and yet, i didn't hear a single word of complaint from her. i have such a great big sister, i know.
look at her hard at work haha

so of course, i couldn't be a crappy sister and not throw her a little birthday surprise.
sam and i planned a surprise birthday dinner for her this past weekend. she thought it was just us 3 and her roommate going to dinner and so it was a pleasant surprise for her when she saw the singaporeans there to celebrate too. surprise #1 successful!
happy birthday dearest rissa!
we all had our food - the pork belly ramen was super good! a majority of us had that. p.s. look at john's face in the last photo - epic hahaha

and then the waitress came by and almost ruined our second surprise. she asked, "should i bring the cake out now?"
thankfully rissa couldn't hear her clearly and keith covered up really well by saying, "she asked us if we want dessert"
after that, i was worried the waitress would slip up again and so i went and prepared the cake and voila, surprise #2 successful! i creeped up from behind, signaled to keith to start singing and we all did at the count of 3 hehe.
chocolate cake with bavarian cream covered with chocolate frosting, fruits and fudge for the decorations on the side with 7 candles for the 27 year old
chen sisters
the birthday girl with jaylin and mark
with keith/with juli
with jess
the top photo is my favorite of the night hahaha. john is hilarious!
make a wish! if you celebrate your birthday with me, you know i always make you take a photo with your cake, then one of you making a wish, one blowing the candles and one cutting the cake hahaha

and then when everyone was busy cutting the cake and eating cake, i went and got surprise #3!
a big gift bag full of birthday goodness hehe. she got a shock when she saw the big bag so surprise #3 successful!
i made her open her present right there cause i was so excited hahaha
she loves the post-it notes from my workplace because she said they're super sticky hahaha so i got her a nice big stack and she found that so funny
 we bought her a super pretty dress from mikarose that she tried on and loved but didn't want to pay for it hahaha
i bought this for her because the walmart in tooele doesn't have it and decided to just put it as part of the present since i was going to give it to her anyway hahaha
her cute present from jess - 3 peas in a pod!

on the whole, it was a huge success since she didn't suspect or expect anything and we totally caught her by surprise and she felt loved. yay!

and then we basically celebrated the whole weekend - thursday night they were in my area and so we went to cheesecake factory for dinner and then on saturday, we went to lagoon.
thursday at cheesecake factory - "delicious" (the waitress was so annoying hahaha)

it was a beautiful day (albeit a little hot)
frightmare was going on since its close to halloween
pardon the fat thighs/juli refused to join us on the carousel
we forced juli to take this and she conquered it hehe
stopping for a treat - ice-cream and churros
prepping for the rocket ride - i look pretty excited hahaha
it blasted off really fast and i couldn't even tell how high we were and then we just dropped hahaha/after we came down, i turned to juli and went, "that was awesome!" hehe
all the pumpkins made me really excited for halloween hehe

after lagoon, we were famished and so we went and got sam and then rissa wanted korean food and so i chose this korean restaurant near my workplace and it was so good! no more myung ga for me from now on hahaha.
it was juli's first time eating korean food so we suggested bibimbap for her. rissa thoroughly enjoyed her soon dae guk bap!
sam and i shared a pork bulgogi (omg it was the most amazing meat i've ever tasted! it was so soft, it seriously just melts in your mouth!) and a spicy crab soup (which was amazing too! not many korean places sell it and so we were super excited to try it and it definitely did not disappoint)

so yeah, it was definitely an amazing weekend full of fun, laughter, friends and good food hehe. birthdays only come once a year so you gotta party it up! especially for rissa since her life as a teacher is uber stressful hehe. 
we made sure to have so much fun over the weekend so that even if she decides to not do anything for her actual birthday, it would be totally fine hehe.
we love you! 사랑해~


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