Sunday, October 7, 2012

lunch dates

now that i work in salt lake, lunch dates have become my new favorite thing hehe.
especially since i'm so super tired everyday after work, all i want to do is drive home, eat, relax and sleep (hahaha i'm sorry i keep repeating this but i'm just trying to prove a point and i'm probably just at a transition period in my life hehe)
since i have an hour lunch break each day, i make full use of my hour to catch up with friends who live in the salt lake area, people who i used to not be able to see as often because salt lake was "so far away" from provo hehe. 
and its been really fun!

1. lunch date at les madeleines with amber. dining at les madeleines took me back to a year ago when we got together for the first time after our missions hahaha omg, such memories. and i'm really glad we've been really good about keeping in touch. we text each other from time to time and i think we see each other at least once every 2 months or so. amber's probably the only person i keep in touch with from the mtc days. everyone else, i kind of forget about or don't really know much about their lives hahaha. we always get together, eat and do the usual catching up. its a lot of fun and amber's great at picking out cute places to eat at. i think myung ga and atlantic cafe are our 2 favorites hehe.
amber got the biela sandwich and i got the parisian ham and cheese. we both wanted to get the madrid sandwich (open faced serrano ham sandwich
with roasted asparagus, manchego and a fried egg - doesn't that sound heavenly?)
but they didn't have it that day :(:(:(
so the plates the sandwiches came on look cute right? they were, until they got in the way and it was really hard to actually eat in a suitable fashion hahaha. normal plates for me please haha. 
the sandwich was alright but the pomme frites were good.
sorry about the ugly background hahaha. we took this right by my car hehe
2. lunch date at indochine vietnamese bistro with monika. it was monika's birthday last week and so i wanted to bring her out to lunch. we tried to do a lunch date the week before but then i got swamped with back to back meetings and what not and so we had to reschedule. and i was still late to lunch cause i was asked to rush something out last minute hahaha. oh life of a PR girl. 
we had really good pho and fresh rolls at lunch (authentic!) and the restaurant was really cute. it was in a really cute area by the U  that i had never been to before too so that was fun.  
so we enjoyed good food and chatted about fun parties and halloween hahaha. speaking of which, did you pick out a halloween costume yet?
happy birthday monika!
3. christin and crystal's bridal shower! a lot of the girls i work with are actually engaged and so last friday, we threw a bridal shower during lunch hour for the 2 who are getting married in the next month or earlier at buca di beppo.
it was fun to get all the girls in the office together and just celebrate. it was also the day we found out that we had gotten the harmons account so it was fun and exciting!
the gorgeous brides to be. they both wore their veils for the rest of the work day :)
i spend way too much on bridal showers gifts and wedding gifts and what not
and some other lunch events that i failed to document like lora's birthday celebration at este pizza, which was delicious and reminded me a lot of new york! and it was neat because there are a couple of us who graduated from BYU at different times and did the new york program at different times too and so the lunch conversation for that day was definitely new york city. the pizza was actually pretty good too! definitely want to go back there some time just to sit and enjoy the wallpaper with the subway system on it, etc. oh new york. 
anyway, so its been fun, especially cause my coworkers and i always get together to celebrate others' birthdays or when i don't have a specific appointment, i really like having my lunch hour to get away from work, go eat at a park (i miss central park, bryant park, etc), run errands or go shopping at city creek, etc. 
i'm looking forward to more lunch dates with friends in salt lake, especially my PR friends who work in downtown salt lake too (*ahem gabe and jeff)

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