Monday, October 8, 2012

mooncake festival

mooncake festival is definitely one of my favorite chinese festivals to celebrate. well, actually i like most of the chinese festivals because im just traditional like that hahaha.
plus, it reminds me of the way we spent it in singapore with all my cousins and relatives and cute grandma all through my growing years.
this year, i almost totally forgot all about it but thankfully, we had a singaporeans gathering to celebrate it! phew.
my mooncake festival saturday started out with the RS broadcast followed by a yummy dinner at spicy thai before ending the night with a boom - with small and big lanterns, normal and floating ones hahaha.
our favorite weekend dinner pal: caressa hehe. we all had curry that night and it was so good! red curry, green curry, pumpkin curry

the singaporeans party had a good turnout and therefore it was very very noisy. and we had our "formal" handing over ceremony since we have new club presidents this year hahaha.
the singapore flag makes it super official
oh look at the whole handshake thing hahaha
 and of course, we take a photo with the singapore flag in the background hahaha

and then came the fun part of the night. the nostalgia from our childhoods - the lanterns!
kudos to estelle for getting the lanterns ready.
the cute married couple
we came to the rescue with the bamboo sticks and lighter but the candles were the issue. people in singapore, please be grateful for those super waxy candles that you have specifically for your lanterns cause we had to just use normal birthday candles and those were not very waxy at all!
oh keith. we both totally knew he was there hahahaha
green, orange and pink. our favorite colors
hahaha they are too cute. oh the boys
creepy but the colors are oh so pretty (john, me, sam, jess and bobbie)

so we took a little walk around the area in 2 groups with our lanterns and then when they burned out, we returned back to our starting point and it was time for round 2 - sky lanterns!
lots of wishes written all over our sky lanterns
letting it all go. i love the second photo cause (although you can't see it clearly), jarlath is frantically trying to make the lantern fly because jess was screaming at him 'you better run after it and make sure it flies because all our wishes are written on there!'
our awesome hero for the night who was using the candle to light up all our sky lanterns, so much so, the candle just melted into his finger hahahaha

it was a night well spent and i really enjoyed the company because it made it feel more like celebrating mooncake festival in singapore hahaha. and the weather was slightly chilly so it was so much nicer than having to sweat like crazy in singapore while getting eaten by mosquitoes in the park hahahaha. 
its like even though we're far from our families, we were keeping up the same traditions and gazing at the same moon.

and i'll end it off with a funny video:
one of the lanterns came down and everyone freaked out


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