Sunday, November 18, 2012

crossed paths

something i really enjoy doing when i'm up late at night doing nothing: looking at old photos.
and recently, i've been thinking a lot about how my life's paths have crossed with others to bring me the bestest friends that i could ever have. 
recently, i've been thinking about some of my friendships that have become so close and strong with people who i would never have guessed i would have been close to 10 years ago. and i really love how close we are! in a short few months, we've come to know each other so well, we know how each other would react in certain situations before it even happens. and we also finish off each other's sentences. so great!
and its so funny to see old photos of us back when we weren't close and then how it has progressed to now when we're close haha. 

on a random sidenote, i've been thinking a lot about something sam lee said and i wonder if a guy and a girl can be simply best friends forever? this is what sam said: "a girl and a guy can be best friends but at some point they will fall for each other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever." thoughts? (i personally think acting on those feelings and choosing to start dating ruins the friendship always!)

anyway, friends are seriously one of the things in my life that i have been so blessed with and am especially grateful for during this time of thanksgiving. 
john never fails to make me laugh - this is him having so much fun singing last sunday
weekly weekend routine always involves a night or two spent at this apartment. friday night we watched step up revolution, watched funny videos/call me maybe and chatted.

work also has been amazing! (i don't mean to keep using that word but i'm really loving my life haha) this past week, we attended the golden spike awards on thursday night at the rio tinto stadium. it was fabulous because we won so many awards! i felt like no one could even eat their dinner because we just kept going up and going up hahaha. it's really great because i know some of my coworkers worked so hard on some of these campaigns and events and the awards were definitely well-deserved!
it was a really classy affair this year
our table was just overflowing with awards
golden spikes
  my beautiful coworkers mary and julene!

other fun things that have been happening around the office:
i bought gold, silver and copper looking chocolates for our brainstorming meeting and it was really fun hahaha
we got dressed up like ladies in the 1920s for a photoshoot on friday. so excited to see the photos!
people at my workplace are seriously talented. this is jason, our media planner who you know, just loves to juggle as a hobby hahaha

i seriously cannot believe that thanksgiving is this week and that i only have to work 2 and a half days and then i'm off to california! yes lots of trips. my mother was just saying, "wow, you have a lot of trips huh" because i just planned my christmas trip and a trip to vegas with the boys in january. but thats the life when you start working i guess, you plan short trips to different places as your escape from work haha. anyway, california. disneyland disneyland disneyland! SO EXCITED! to get myself pumped for it, we went to disney on ice last night and omg, that made me SO HAPPY! you have no idea how much i love disney hahaha.   
the sisters (and the disney girls) are probably the only ones who can stand my disney craze
beauty and the beast
i seriously cringed when i heard small world come on hahaha
"i can see what's happening and they don't have a clue, they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line, our trio's down to two"
i was kind of sad that they didn't have tangled!
circle of life

and to end tonight's exciting blog post, guess what? i'm going to be in New York City for Christmas!!! central park ice-skating, rockefeller christmas tree lighting, etc. OMG! i cannot even tell you how excited i am. i love new york too much!
christmas in new york is the best!
it's the most magical time of the year!

okay, so see you in a week! in the meantime, i'll be at disneyland. xoxo


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