Saturday, November 3, 2012


to be completely honest, halloween is one of my least favorite holidays of the year. just because i have to think so hard about what costume i'm going to wear. 
in years past, i've always just gone on a roadtrip/been a missionary/not cared about it at all. 
this year, however, i had to start planning early because when i started my current job, on my first list of things to do, my boss included, "start thinking about your halloween costume."
and so i panicked and started looking for costumes early.
i'm not the type that would make my own costume and so i simply looked for store bought ones.
at which point, i came across a couple of good and cheap ones at walmart. i considered being a nun but then didn't really want an 'ugly' halloween costume and so i decided against it.
after thinking it over long and hard, i decided to be a french maid.
and then my older sister and her roommate thought it would be fun if i bought a wig to go along with my costume and so i bought one. and yeah, it didn't go over well because people got confused as to what i was dressed up as because of the hair. i had everything from alice in wonderland to COOKIE MONSTER (ahem, keith), omg. 

so anyway, i wore the french maid outfit to a halloween party on friday night. my sister was outfit-less and so i looked up some costumes and suggested she go as wednesday from addams family. but she said she didn't have the right stuff for it and so i just drove to target after work and picked up this elmo costume for her. the best part: it was on sale for $9.36 only haha. score.
anyway, after wearing my french maid costume, i didn't want to be pictured in the same costume on halloween itself and so sammie and i swapped costumes and i was elmo for my work halloween party.
whatever it is, it probably didn't matter what i wore to that party because people in my agency are super creative and people from the creative department win every single year hahaha. 
some costumes were pretty terrifying i'd have to say haha. i'll let the photos do the speaking.
we were supposed to vote for the scariest, most original and funniest
tyson as twisted sister's dee snider was honestly the most terrifying one for me haha.
bobby came as the sexy sax man/krystal had a pretty gross outfit too haha. its perfect too cause she's actually pregnant
erico as psy/thor as thor hahaha
we had a chili cookoff for our potluck lunch and everyone made such delicious chili!
some of the girls
i loved britni's globe idea
mary's was one of my favorites too/pretty caitlin
patty was scary! her eyes are closed and she painted pupils onto her eyelids
wendy, my boss, came as liz lemon!
the guys from the media department: jason's was probably the most original - legends of the hidden temple (my favorite show of all time!), marc's was freaky
it was definitely a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate halloween with people who really go all out!
agency group shot: such fun!

this year was also the first year i actually bought halloween candy for trick or treaters. i was on a roll this halloween hahaha.
some of my coworkers' kids came in during the day after school ended for them in their cute halloween costumes. they came around to our different cubicles for trick or treat time. it was nice having them come and visit us at different times during the day and it was fun getting to meet everyone's cute kids.   
presenting justin's cute kids! isn't the little duck just the cutest thing ever!

so yeah, i actually really enjoyed halloween this year and am looking forward to next year (not the costume part). i don't even want to know what the creative department will come up with next year hahaha.

anyway, i hope you had a good halloween and that you managed to carve some pumpkins too!


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