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i have seriously never been more tired in my life (my back still hurts from the hours of sitting and preparing all the decorations and crafts) but it was all worth it because it was for my baby sister's 21st (omg she's so big already!!!) and it was a super successful surprise!

so, because we had a birthday surprise for my older sister just a few weeks ago, i pretended that we were just going to go out for dinner with the singaporeans for her birthday and even asked her where she wanted to go and when and all that so as to make it seem like there's no surprise at all.
she didn't suspect anything and my older sister and i also went down to provo on her actual birthday to celebrate with her at mimi's cafe. we even gave her half of her present so it seemed legit and all.
birthday dinner at mimi's cafe. we even bought birthday balloons!
part one of her birthday present - nice, fuzzy and warm shoes for the winter!

so this is how the real surprise all went down. 
i told caressa to text sam and tell her that she wants to dress pretty and go to a nice restaurant for dinner on friday since its her birthday. (i also told sam we would have her birthday dinner with the singaporeans on saturday so she didn't suspect since its 2 separate groups of friends)
in the meantime, we were all at the party venue decorating the place like crazy and awaiting her arrival.
we were way behind on time and what worked out well was the fact that sam only got off work at 7pm and so they didn't end up leaving the house till 7:40pm (you can totally tell she wasn't expecting a surprise since she kind of took her own sweet time hahaha). 
anyway, when she got there, we walked into the place and everyone surprised her from the corridors, holding a photo of her face hahahaha.
preparing to shout surprise!
 this was how everyone looked when she first saw them hahahaha
 we didn't get very good photos of her surprised face since she kept moving around trying to take it all in hahaha

and at 8pm, we finally got to just sit down and have dinner hahaha. we were all starving by then.
it was a pretty simple night with a simple sit-down dinner and good company.
i'll let the photos do the talking.
i prepared a ton of decorations and so we had to figure out where to put everything since i had so many extra random stuff. we were almost done by the time this picture was taken. we were just figuring out the big lanterns on the left side.
we had a total of 21 balloons (only 12 are pictured here) and 21 photos (1 for each year of her life)
pre-surprise mingling/people getting acquainted with their photo stick of sam's face
kudos to everyone for making sure they were on time so the surprise wouldn't be ruined
we made the birthday girl put on her birthday girl badge and make a speech hahaha
these two crack me up so bad hahaha
magleby's award winning chocolate cake and jaylin's amazing cheesecake bites!
the main course - slow cooked pork roast withe potatoes and vegetables. so good! i'm sorry the photo is blurry hahaha
there was so much food, most of us had seconds and even had food to take home!
   the birthday girl had one round of food and then did her round of mingling/fighting (?) with her guests hahaha
 happy guests with their mouths full hehe. i love the use of the photo stick in the top two photos hahaha

and then came the cake surprise! i stupidly bought sparkler candles because i thought they would be nice and fancy. WRONG! they were all over the place and super dirty (made my face black! hahaha)
anyway, while i prepared the cake, rissa and keith did a great job of distracting sam and so tada, it was yet another successful surprise moment hehe.
happy birthday to you! (yeah we're wearing the same dress - basically, but no, we did not plan it hahaha)
 sisters forever!
make a wish, blow out the candles and cut the cake
keith the pro at cutting cakes hehe
birthday girl enjoying her cake - strawberry swirl cake with strawberry filling and vanilla frosting

its great having the singaporeans altogether because everyone just enjoys spending time with each other and the chance to catch up with everyone all at once and you don't really need to make sure that people are entertained or taken care of hehe.
we at table one had some great entertaining conversations too. loved having john and keith at our table - those 2 are such jokers (john, unintentionally most of the time hahaha)
and since the party was so formal and like a wedding reception anyway, we did the whole wedding tables group shots hahaha.
table #1
table #2
table #3
 oh i love everyone in this photo so much!

and we ended the night with the opening of presents!
making use of our awesome decorations as backdrops hehe
class photo style. this photo made me laugh SO BAD
the lees hehe
part two of her birthday gift - leopard print shoes she's wanted for awhile now

we also had a video put together from family and her good friends in singapore and i think she was very touched (i think i saw a tear hehe). we initially intended to put it up on the big screen but couldn't figure out the DVD player and so we let her watch it on caressa's laptop.
this part clearly surprised her? hahaha
misc. table that was used for the guest book and placecards at the beginning and then as a table for thank you cards and party favors at the end hehe
for party favors, i made toothpick crepe flowers with personalized leaves and used it to seal a small bag of orange M & Ms since orange was clearly the theme for the party hehe
finished product

sorry for the photo overload. and now, i'm off the hook for yet another year. did i already complain how i hate the fact that my sisters have their birthdays so close to each other - squeeze me dry of all my ideas basically hahaha.
happy birthday sammie! 21! no longer a baby hehe.


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