Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my life in (salt lake) city

i finally have a night with nothing to do but just slack at home and so i think i'll blog, write in my journal, do my october expenses sheet, watch running man and sleep early? sounds like a lot on the agenda for tonight hahaha but at least i'll get to bed earlier than i did yesterday.
i only went to bed at 2:30am yesterday (i didn't get home till 1:10 or so)! i don't know how i survived work today but i did and i almost fell asleep during my meetings thats for sure hahaha.
anyway, i've been really loving my life and after the weekend, i was at work yesterday morning and suddenly felt an overwhelmingly sense of gratitude for what i've been blessed with: the gospel, my family, my close friends, good coworkers, a great job, love, etc.

so since i live up in salt lake now, i have to try to find things to do up here instead of just come home from work and go to sleep every night. 
and as i've explored, i've found that salt lake is actually a great place because it gives off a great city vibe as well.
two weeks ago, i saw that they were playing le vendeur at the city library for free and so i invited amber to that and we had a cultural night with a french film that was hard to understand even though it was supposed to be the french version of arthur miller's death of a salesman. it was nice though to be out in the city at night for a change.
i absolutely love how we both love green! also, if you look at the background, the city library is actually super pretty!

and then on halloween, i got free tickets from my workplace to go see the opening game of the season for the utah jazz team. it was way sweet! it was a private suite with great seats, food, drinks and even a dessert cart for you to choose from a variety of desserts. and the best part, the jazz won! i would say though that they didn't play very well and were just really lucky haha.
i invited my sister to come along and keith was very jealous haha and so he gets to go next time haha
who cares about halloween parties when you can live the high life hahaha

also, it recently went from fall to winter and there's been lots of snow all around and so its time to take the pretty coats and scarves out. but it's also time to look like a dumpling with all the layers hahaha.
but it's also the time for hot chocolate, space heaters at the workplace, cinnamon scents, etc.
this past weekend, it was reported that my neighborhood got the most snow hahaha. imagine how much snow i got since i live up on the mountain hahaha.
juli and i enjoying our hot chocolate. it also serves as a hand warmer hehehe

speaking of snow and the cold, how would you like to have your wedding while its snowing. well, blake and mikel got married on saturday and it was snowing SO HARD. but mikel's dress was gorgeous and sometimes the snow makes for a gorgeous white scene. i just felt bad for mikel because it was SO COLD.
look at that dress!
fall colors!
the boys always have to do the GQ pose
cute cute couple! LOVE THEM! blake was so emotional, it was so cute! and mikel, she just could not stop smiling the whole time!
i brought a date hahaha. who else better than my companion from the mission! rob took our photos and because he knows us so well, he took a million photos even when we weren't ready because he figured that taking more photos would increase the probability that there would be at least one good one hahaha
 companions looking like sister missionaries on temple square hehe

and alas, i still spend a lot of my time in provo and should really start looking for more fun things to do up here in salt lake instead of going to the boring town hahaha.
except, all the people i love are in p-town hehehe.
here's us saturday night after dinner and a divine comedy show. <3
heart-to-heart. i apologize for looking like a dumpling hahaha

and so yeah, thats basically what i've been up to. 
besides attending bridal showers and more weddings, i also attended my first baby shower of the season and omg, i hate the age i'm in now because thats all my friends are doing: having babies or getting married hehehe. sigh. can i be 18 again?


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