Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PPBH 5th annual bowlffet

thanksgiving break this year was just magical. i'll talk more about the magical part in my next post.
kicked off my thanksgiving week with a utah jazz game on monday night. it was against the houston rockets and so we got to see jeremy lin play. that was fun. and the jazz won so woohoo!
jeremy lin was really fast!
wednesday got off to a great start with an early morning work event - harmons turkey toss. every year, harmons donates over $30,000 worth of turkeys, sweet potato pies and instant potatoes to help utah families in need. 
we got to the indian walk-in center at 7:30am and worked hard unloading the stuff for 2 over hours and my arms were so sore by the end of it but it made me happy to be able to serve! it was also a great bonding time with my coworkers as well as the harmons workers. yay for client relations!
here's channel 4's coverage: 8000 turkeys passed out to Utah families
bob harmon getting us started
look at how many turkeys there were! this was just the beginning too
after the event, we PPBHers, worked hard (didn't even eat during our lunch breaks), worked all the way till 2:45pm and set off for the 5th annual bowlffet at fat cats.
as my coworker mary puts it, the annual bowlffet is when we put aside work, take over fat cats, bowl our hearts out and stuff our faces with all you can eat pizza, breadsticks and salad haha.
it was a lot of fun. we were put into teams with people from different departments so we can get to know the people we don't work directly with. 
erico and britni
i'm really bad at bowling hahaha
and there were some really good PPBH bowlers. check out the geoff's leg position.
 those of us who weren't such great bowlers spent our time stuffing our faces hehe
the partners joined in on the fun too
everyone was super interested in our lane because bobby kept striking!
 this is bobby. he deserves the most improved award because he sucked so bad the first round, even i beat him and then suddenly in the second round, he just scored strike after strike after strike. insane!
my roomie michelle and i
 some of the girls <3

it's always fun to hang out with the coworkers and i love how PPBH really integrates work-life balance into the company culture.
we go all out for all occasions! next up: PPBH holiday party at the grand america. super excited!


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