Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thanksgiving break 2012

so here comes the magical update.
on wednesday after the bowlffet, my sisters and i set off for our magical weekend.
we drove the 5 hours to vegas and stayed the night. the drive was a lot of fun. we talked about love situations and those are always fun hahaha, "what if...."
we stayed at the luxor and omg, we were so ready for bed by the time we got there (even though we were tempted to walk around the strip hahaha)

woke up bright and early the next morning and finished off our drive to cali.
got to cali and we didn't do much since it was thanksgiving day. found this really awesome korean supermarket and had lunch there plus shopped for groceries hahaha.
they had 라볶이 so i was totally sold hahaha

checked in after lunch and just lazed around the hotel for a bit because we were so tired hahaha. and then we decided to go shopping. did pre-black friday shopping at the outlets. we were at loft basically the whole time. love that store and it was 50% off storewide! we went crazy hahaha. and then we headed over to target for the actual black friday shopping. my favorite thing to get at black friday shopping is always the DVDs hahaha. my sister went crazy with that. i did good and bought only one and then i got a new tankini. i'm ready for vegas tanning in january hahaha.
holiday dress settled hahaha. its the season for holiday parties!
yay for pretty lights

we skipped the midnight sales and what not and headed home so that we could make sure we got enough sleep so that we would have the energy for california adventure the next day.
we started our magical weekend with california adventure. it wasn't too crowded and we managed to do a lot! i'll let the photos do the speaking.
cars land was definitely the highlight. they did a really great job with making it look just like radiator springs and the cars ride was definitely awesome!
ready to conquer california adventure
i told them all to pose with their tickets and in the end, it was just me and my ticket -_- hahaha
little mermaid ride
toy story mania always has such a long line!
they didn't leave any space for me so i was basically sitting on pluto hahaha
mr. incredible squeezed us all really tight together for the picture hahaha
watching the aladdin show is always one of the highlights of going to california adventure!
no one was taking a photo with him so we felt bad
duffy the disney bear!
merry christmas!
i made jess and rissa go on the tower of terror with me hehe
CONQUERED. haha and you can see that we're still wet from the water ride hahaha
love world of colors

day two: disneyland itself. i love disneyland itself just cause its so much like magic kingdom at WDW and thats where i worked. you have no idea how happy i felt the whole time just being in disneyland. its seriously the happiest place on earth. i can forget about all my worries when i'm in there! i especially love disneyland during the holiday season. makes it that much more special and happy!
i match mickey really well in this photo with my festive shirt hahaha
pluto was messing up jess' hair in this photo hahaha
standard castle photo
jasmine kind of looks like 杨丞琳
loved ariel's dress!
thats 5 minnies for you hahaha
minnie's house is so cute
on big thunder mountain - the only rollercoaster sam would take
we took practically all the rides
enjoying dole floats on main street
the parade was so cute!
its a small world during the holiday season is so pretty
so magical. 

i can't even express how magical my weekend was. it was much needed. the last time i went to disneyland was last summer and so it had been awhile.
sadly, the weekend had to end and we had to drive back to cold utah haha
now, i can only look forward to new york in 3 weeks! talked to marcus on the phone last night and just listening to him talk about places in new york, street names, the subway lines, etc made my heart beat faster and i can't wait!
i'm going to start planning soon to distract myself hahaha.
there are also holiday parties coming up and so i'm excited :)


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