Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holiday parties and decorations;

life has been so super busy i haven't even had time to blog.
december came and then just zoomed by super quickly.
we got home from new york yesterday and it's been snowing non-stop since then. i thought i was going to die tonight because my car was just sliding all over the place. i don't know how i'm going to drive to work tmr -_- maybe i need to work from home tmr. 
speaking of work, it's super quiet at the office because basically everyone is on vacation and i wish i didn't have to work too. the nice thing is, we all leave work around 4 plus or 5pm since we don't have much to do. 

so the weeks leaving up to new york was spent christmas shopping, frantically writing christmas cards, sending out christmas packages and attending christmas parties and events.
the weekend before we left for new york, my office had our christmas party at the grand america hotel on friday night.
it was super grand and there were so many parties going on there that night. parking was a nightmare though. thank goodness michelle and i got there early and so we weren't stuck in traffic/looking for a parking spot for an hour or two.
the table decorations were really pretty. the flowers were gorgeous.
the food was amazing! very fancy
happy holidays from PPBH - this year's holiday card
our table
1920s trivia
everyone was very agitated because each person at the winning table gets $100 each
roommates who work at the same company as you make the best dates hahaha

saturday was an all day sisters affair before rissa flew back to singapore for christmas break.
it started with nutcracker by ballet west. love watching ballet performances.
followed by city creek shopping, dinner and of course, temple square lights!
and then we all headed back to my place where we had a little sleepover hehe.
ballet west.
big nutcracker
merry christmas, complete with a holiday sparkly skirt
caramel hot chocolate for the winter
dinner at blue lemon
love the holiday lights during the christmas season

utah's winter this year is back to normal with all the snow. check out my backyard:
anyway, i wanted to blog more but i'm running on new york time and so i'm exhausted and just want to sleep all the time. tmr, i'll blog about our new york adventures :)


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