Tuesday, December 4, 2012

kaleidoscope heart;

it's december.
i cannot cannot cannot believe it. where did the year go? soon i will be off to new york and it will be christmas. i don't know what to think.
it's been a good year but i kind of don't want to start a new year hahaha. too many new beginnings and expectations hahaha.
oh well, at least the holiday season means pretty lights and decorations!
came home from thanksgiving break to a house nicely decorated and lisa is not even close to being done with the decorations hehehe

was really looking forward to this past weekend because i had my first christmas party of the season! totally love those! plus, my older sister drove down to provo to spend the weekend with us so that was fun.
friday: i had nothing but photoshoots and meetings at work so it helped the day pass faster.
i love working with caitlin for photoshoots because she helps you get straight into character. it's not fun though when you have to have a yelling battle/fight with her cause she minored in theatre and is way intense hahahaha

friday night: i was absolutely looking forward to it because we had planned a night of mahjong (felt like i hadn't played in forever!). we gathered at sam's place and jay brought treats (cute little strawberry cheesecakes and popcorn and keith brought meiji chocolates!). mahjong for like 5 straight hours and then we even had an hour and a half for a heart-to-heart talk. aww. friday nights like these are the best!!!
mahjong was pretty out of control that night. so many moments of great laughter. family <3  

saturday lunch: finally got to catch up with my dear caressa over sushi. omg so much drama happened in her life over thanksgiving break and i just wanted to give her a great big hug!
they both have such asian eyes hahaha
rissa and i

saturday night: singaporeans christmas party! food, laughter and a pretty good white elephant gift exchange. it's always fun to catch up with old friends at parties like these. i got to catch up with abish quite a bit and so that was good! and then there's the abundance of singlish going around that makes you feel right at home. as well as games like dai dee and mahjong hehehe. and a lot of the people that i grew up with :) and we're all grown up and independent and can carry mature conversations hahaha. so fast!
people getting food
my favorite couple at the moment
john john - why so sad hahaha
john kept picking the good gifts but people kept stealing them from him. poor boy. look how excited he looks in these photos hahaha
instead of doing a classy christmas cheers, of course we did yumseng in true singaporean fashion hahaha
after everyone stopped, these boys kept going with passion hahaha. i want these boys at my wedding hahaha
post-dinner entertainment - my most hated alligator game hahaha
playing dai dee (big two)
merry christmas, love the singaporeans
there was some crazy matching going on that night - the people with the striped clothes (mark had a striped sweater too but he's not pictured here)
keith and i with our plaid shirts

we ended our saturday night watching skyfall at the theatre. it was good but i think the guy was kind of psycho.

sunday: church, christmas devotional ("I will rejoice in my Lord, the giver of all gifts," "Every gift given to us is an opportunity to strengthen our love" - become good and grateful receivers, "Christmas is a spirit of giving, without a thought of getting, "The more love is expanded, the more there is of it for others") and mahjong at keith's for 4 hours! 

what a weekend! but the weekends always pass us by so fast and then monday comes. since i didn't get much sleep over the weekend, monday at work was a torture for me because i was so sleepy hahaha. and then i was in a sad mood and so i was grateful that i could come home to awesome roomies. we went out to fhe, took a drive round the neighborhood, came home and just talked for hours! and then konked out. and i overslept this morning and both michelle and i kind of had puffy eyes this morning hahaha. oh the joys of sleeping late and waking up early. 

but yet i'm already looking forward to the weekend again! its only tuesday but tmr marks mid week! this upcoming weekend i have plans to see people i haven't seen in forever and so i'm excited excited excited. other exciting news: 2 weeks to NYC hahahaha.

okay, journal writing time. goodnight my loves.


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