Monday, December 10, 2012

keep calm and have a cupcake;

the weekend is never long enough. 
and sometimes i tire myself out so much trying to cram everything into those short 3 days, i feel more tired than ever on mondays. 
this morning i seriously got a shock when i heard my alarm ring. was so not willing to get up. and then i had to leave the house early since it was snowing. but the good thing is, i got to talk to my mummy on the phone for a full hour. 
it's my parents' wedding anniversary today and omg, they've been married 29 years. that is a long long time and they are just such great examples of how amazing married life can be. i'm worried about my own marriage because there are so many expectations to live up to after seeing how cute my parents are hahaha. happy wedding anniversary!
29 years ago
look at how silly they are hahaha

so this past weekend was so busy i slept so little hahaha.
on friday night, we took the angs out to dinner because we basically haven't hung out with them since rissa and i started working. plus, it was uncle richard's birthday and so it was very timely.
it was a night full of laughter and we were the last ones to leave the restaurant because we lost track of time talking. 
we then headed over to the angs and found their mahjong set and taught them how to play mahjong hahaha. so much fun.
uncle richard opening our present! we got him a card, socks and handkerchiefs (which he totally loved!)
we didn't even have a proper table to play on hahaha but it was still fun nonetheless

saturday: sushi with the mission friends for lunch. i feel like i haven't seen my mission friends/dined with them in forever and so it was nice to all sit round a round table and have a meal together. felt like a real reunion dinner <3
we ordered the sushi mission style, laughed for hours like we were back on our missions again hahaha. and i realized how much i've missed preston's totally random comments. there was this moment during lunch when he just stopped and turned to his wife alice and said, "we should have a baby" and we all just died laughing. can't wait for finals to be over so that we can do it again!
the asian lady at wild ginger made us stand right there so there would be a nice picture in the background of our photo hahaha. so cute.
the one who knows me inside out

rushed over to russell's place for 2 hours of mahjong with russ and jay and then over to the angs' place for a nice warm dinner of porridge and side dishes. the weather was so cold so it was perfect! and then because mahjong is addictive, the angs wanted to play again that night and we ended up playing till midnight hahaha. yes, my life kind of revolves around mahjong hahaha. and it's funny cause at lunch, preston was telling me that his house has a mahjong set and we should play some time hehehe.

sunday: baking, church, baking, dinner, fireside, laughter, friends, dim sum and a surprise party to top off the night! we threw a little surprise farewell party estelle because she's leaving soon and omg, her reaction was THE BEST! she gets scared easily and so she seriously got the shock of her life haha esp. since she did not suspect ANYTHING at all hahaha. so yay! success!
she actually jumped in fear hahaha. too bad it was too dark and we didn't quite get it on camera or video hahaha
the menu for the night was simple: we had a million sweet treats and a hot cocoa bar with toppings since it was super cold
talking about her reaction hahaha
good company is the best on a cold winter night
this is when they were trying to force a speech out of estelle haha
group photo
    i tried to get photos of everyone but obviously didn't do such a good job even though i sat by the door and could see people leaving hahaha oh well.
dearest keith (aka ah boy - thats what rissa calls him hahaha) // sam was like john's personal maid for the night, holding his things for him hahaha
thanks to chloe who helped make it happen!

so by the time we cleaned up and all, i only got to bed at 1am haha.
but i had a really good weekend (as always) and there's nothing better than seeing other people happy because of a small thing you did (estelle said thank you to me like a million times the whole night!)
"when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God"
this is my happy service face (from the turkey toss event we had before thanksgiving)

i'm looking forward to my sleep tonight :)


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