Tuesday, January 1, 2013

best of 2012

i tried to do an A to Z of 2012 post on sunday but then i got stuck with some of the letters and then got busy on new year's eve and so i didn't get down to posting anything.
so, here i am on new year's day with a post on my favorite things about each month of 2012:

january: definitely chinese new year. everything from an early reunion dinner cooked specially by my grandma (hainanese chicken rice and tons of different CNY tradition dishes) to celebrating 15 days of the chinese new year in utah with lots of parties to my 15 days of chinese new year blog posts and ending it off with sky lanterns!
what's chinese new year without an overload of food hehe
my newest last day of the chinese new year tradition
love skype for letting us in on the festivities in singapore

february: there were a lot of birthdays to celebrate in february but mark's birthday party was probably my favorite. also one of the longest parties of my life (4pm - midnight) where we had a lot of fun shooting marshmallows at each other, eating pizza and cake and then playing games all through the night. 
an extra geeky cake for a geeky boy haha
we all wore geeky glasses to match mark haha
my team for the marshmallow game!

march: a visit from one of my strongest converts - janet! going to general conference with her was one of the most spiritual events of my year. and just having her here with us, feeling the spirit all the time, made it feel like we were back on our missions haha.

april: graduation! need i say more. 
my capstone group
 smart cookie graduation party
family: the people who helped me get to graduation

may: strengthening my testimony of the restored gospel as i took a trip to the sacred grove and palmyra as well as watched one of my best friends go on her mission!
in the sacred grove with patrick
sister woo and elder huang

june: living in new york and living the dream. 
goodman media!
yankee games
brooklyn bridge

july: still living the new york dream and having my sister come out to visit!
august: patrice got married!

september: i entered the big girl world and started my first real job at PPBH!

october: halloween and me dressing up and having fun for once
different parties, different costumes

november: i couldn't pick one - disneyland for thanksgiving and sammie's 21st!
december: new york for christmas (which i still need to blog about hahaha)! 2012 was such a new york year and i loved every moment of it!
christmas in new york is so much more magical!

so, happy 2013! can't believe we're done with 2012 but i'm excited for what 2013 has in store. i'm looking forward to more moments of laughter and love, coupled with new adventures (it's funny cause i looked at one of my good friends' resolutions (gwen) and hers was almost exactly the same! such love!) 
bring it on!


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