Thursday, January 31, 2013

i've been afraid of changing cause i've built my life around you;

this past weekend, my little sister got her mission call.
she's going to taiwan taichung! that's basically the same mission as my older sister since some of the areas overlap.
omg, i totally couldn't believe it! i was so sure it wouldn't be taiwan! i'm still happy for her nonetheless. she's going to be amazing! now, she just needs to learn how to ride a bike hahaha.
so her mission call came on friday and so on saturday, we got a group together and we opened it! it was extremely exciting and us being girls, had the best reactions ever! watch the video for all the action:
sam saw it and started screaming before she even read it so all of us were like "where, where, where" basically hahaha

the famous mission call envelope picture
i love rissa's face in this photo. she's digging through her bag to get her camera because i was going to video and so no one was taking photos
she got annoyed that i was taking so long to take the photo hahaha
woohoo! called to serve
sam's roomies. devri's dad made a super yummy coconut cream pie so we had a pie party after sam opened her mission call!

and then we ended off the night catching up with jay and eating sushi.
we went to this party where there was supposed to be a sushi bar.
well, when i heard sushi bar, i imagined people actually making sushi rolls (you know, like spider roll, etc) for you.
and i was very wrong. it ended up being trays of ingredients and you just made your own.
very disappointing but jay and i were so hungry, we just put ingredients on our seaweed, burrito-ed our sushis and ate them hahaha.
thanks jay for looking ridiculous with me hahaha  

anyway, along with the good news of sam's mission call, we also got the chance to go with her to the temple for the first time. 
it was such a rush getting everything together but it all worked out and i'm glad we three sisters got to go together. it was very special and i just love the temple.
we went to the bountiful temple, which was as gorgeous as ever on a cold, winter night.
 rissa failed to 'pop' her leg in the first photo so i demanded a retake hahaha

and then this morning, i dropped my little sister off at the airport and i already immediately missed her. so glad i'll see her next week but it'll be sad when i say goodbye to her for 18 months.

i've never been good at goodbyes but i know she's going to love her mission as much as i love mine so okay, i'll let her go.

other than that, i'm adjusting to life without weekend trips to provo. it's been good cause now i have time to actually catch up with friends and skype more. i had the pleasure of skyping dearest danielle tonight for 50 minutes and it was just great! i love how technology breaks barriers like that. looking forward to more skype sessions with my dear friends :)
love this cute cute girl!

it's friday tomorrow! everyone have a good weekend!


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