Wednesday, January 23, 2013

january is almost over

january is almost over and my latest blog post before this was still "best of 2012" for the longest time.
i guess 2013 hasn't gotten off to a great start and so i haven't had the motivation to blog? or maybe i'm just lazy and sleeping more hahaha. 
speaking of which, today i read a great article about sleeping and rising early: 
i think everything sounds super great. i like #7 (you're automatically early) and #6 (you actually have time to eat your most important meal of the day - breakfast).
i've been trying to sleep early (around 10pm or so) and its been super amazing. now i just need to get up early too so i have more time to do stuff i never ever get to at night.

anyway, this new year, i actually made some new year's resolutions (i never make them) and so far, i've been doing pretty well i must say.
here are a few:
1. be more social - don't get into the habit of hanging out with the same people all the time
this one is a really tough one for me i must admit because i'm the kind of person that just gets comfortable and so i don't feel the need to hang out with other people because i have my "cliques."
well, i've been doing well so far cause since the beginning of the year till now, i've been hanging out with people i haven't hung out much with in a long while and i haven't hung out with my usual clique since the beginning of the year hahaha.
poutine and pitch perfect picnic - hahaha what a cute name for our little canadian food making party
the group
  our korean brothers hahaha. caressa and i hadn't hung out with them in months and so we had dinner at kohinoor where we surprised chris with an early birthday cake!
 lunch with monika at siegfried's. super good german food on a snowy, icy winter day! we both even got hot chocolate because it was so cold!
 my new asian food adventures buddy is back from florida. SO HAPPY! we had the best night ever chatting for hours last thursday night :)

2. take little trips/weekend getaways
i already took my very first one this past weekend! just a short trip to vegas to run away from the cold. it was awesome (except for when i fell sick and had to stay in and basically sleep all day) just eating good food, shopping and relaxing with the girls. it was so painful to come back to the cold.
our amazing villa that had everything - 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, washer and dryer, etc hehehe
we shopped at the premium outlets
ate till we were so uncomfortable at todai
danced with the yellow M&M at M&M world
found my favorite city even in vegas
visited the titanic artifact exhibition - which was AMAZING. i want to watch the movie again now.
enjoyed the night lights
drank lots of good boba
sang our throats sore at karaoke
enjoyed the bellagio fountain show
walked the strip
enjoyed walking in my favorite hotel - the venetian
got excited for chinese new year with the decorations at the venetian
ate to our hearts' content at korean bbq with the boys

3. cook more and eat out less
i can proudly say that i pack my lunch everyday now! you save so much money packing your lunch everyday! and you save time too cause you don't have to drive out to get lunch. hahaha workaholic i know but i get so much done just sitting at my desk all day.
tomorrow's lunch: pesto pasta with mushrooms, shrimp and broccoli!

4. spend less money shopping and save more
i take less trips to the mall now and my account is growing! yay haha. it makes me happy to see the numbers in my account and think about what that would buy me in the future. 
i'm such a shopaholic but i haven't really shopped since the beginning of the year and only did this past weekend at vegas.
i'm also starting to get in the habit of selling my clothes to plato's again. the last sellback was really good cause i managed to sell back 8 out of the 9 pieces of clothing i brought there.
one of my few purchases lately: fleece hello kitty pyjama pants - omg so comfy and cute and warm hahaha, perfect for the winter hehe

other resolutions i'm still working hard on:
5. more moments of laughter & love (i'm fully confident this will be fulfilled when i'm reunited with my family and friends next month for chinese new year)
6. new adventures - take risks
7. don't take anyone for granted
8. less drama in my life (i think i've already failed at this for the year hahaha)
9. serve more
10. learn to say no

other things that have been happening (in photos):
baby dallan prince is finally here! and he's wearing the cute clothes i bought him!
i've had some good egg tarts appear in my life recently and its made my world hahaha. pictured here: mochi egg tart all the way from california from dearest russell
a new polaroid camera to play with hahaha. oh my obsession with photos and polaroids

as for work, it has been super busy and its great because before i know it, its time to go home each day and everything has been going super great and i'm just excited for the rest of the year with the campaigns and what not we have in place.
and recently, people have been asking me for internships at my workplace and for once, i feel like a real PR working professional now and not the student trying to get the internships.

anyway, time for bed. its supposed to snow starting tmr and through the weekend :(
it's been so cold, my car lock actually froze and i had to buy a de-icer spray to unfreeze it hahaha. 
goodnight! 16 days to singapore!


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