Sunday, February 24, 2013

my 12 days in paradise

i'm back from paradise. back to the icy tundra and it has not been fun at all.
first saturday back from my sunny, tropical island and utah decides to torture me with a snowstorm. i didn't go anywhere yesterday except for the gym in the morning. i needed the rest but at the same time it made me feel so trapped - a feeling i would never feel in singapore. well, i made good use of the time and planned a dinner party that i'm super excited about hahaha.

anyway, today is the 15th day of the chinese new year. i can't believe has fast these 15 days have passed! i have a bunch of sky lanterns sitting under my bed that i should be letting go tonight but i have no desire to go out in the cold to do it so maybe i'll just do it another time hahaha. something about utah makes me depressed and passive hahaha. 
oh well, let me tell you all about my trip to singapore because it was amazing and everything i needed and MORE. i re-read my last blog post that was super depressing and there was one thing i was right about - singapore did heal me. 

everyone i've seen since being back has asked me what was my favorite part of my trip and this is my standard answer - family, food, friends. i don't think it can get any better than that to be honest. 
i honestly don't know why i live in utah because utah has the worse asian food in the world hahaha. 
anyway, i got to eat basically everything i wanted this trip back to singapore and i've seriously forgotten how cheap and convenient it is to get good food! this also means i need to hit the gym everyday now hahaha.
if you have been following me on instagram or are facebook friends with me, you would have seen all my food posts. seriously, so good! i think everyone was secretly cursing me for posting all these food pictures. well, what can i say? come visit and i'll take you around food paradise haha. 

if you know me well, you'll know that my favorite holiday of the year is chinese new year (i like it even more than christmas! imagine that) and so i was absolutely excited to celebrate chinese new year in singapore this year! last year i was miserable and said i would definitely be home for chinese new year this year and sure enough, i accomplished that!
when my coworkers found out i was going home for chinese new year, they asked me what was my favorite thing to do during chinese new year and i said "big family dinners and lo hei!"
that's exactly how chinese new year went this year haha. i'll let the photos do the talking.

初一 (day one): day one this year was different because it was at our place and we stayed home the whole day instead of going out. we spent all day together as a family and it was fun just doing things together - eating, talking (especially chatting with my younger cousins about sa days since amanda is in sa now), watching tv, making sure ah po feels comfortable, etc.
this year, we finally had a baby in the house! woohoo! so cute!
ah mai audrey is always in charge of the lo hei every year hehe
lo hei is one of my favorite things to do during CNY just because it brings the family together in such a heartwarming scene like that.
we did a pretty good job mixing it all together
初一 lunch - meals during CNY are always such a feast!
annual cousins photo (cay, where are you looking?)
dragon babies!
and every year we have a few of these photos hahaha

初二 (day two): visiting the maternal side as usual and then spending the afternoon at uncle victor's where we watched ah boys to men part I. hahaha i love watching singapore movies because you just laugh like crazy because you can relate to everything so well.
three generations and i love how we're standing from tallest to shortest although my mother looks the shortest here cause she's not standing upright.
my parents. dressed in very auspicious colors.
it's been so many years of just us during CNY.
chen cousins with ah po!
2 sets of lo hei for two extended families
初二 lo hei
初二 lunch
初二 sleeping photo
massage for the dad

初三 (day three): we didn't have much visiting to do so 初三 was spent watching wreck-it ralph with my 1st three months jc friend eeli, followed by mahjong and prata with the jc girlfriends.
初三 lunch at redhill
chatting at spinelli's after the movie
with these girls, it's always mahjong and kbox hehe
CNY 2007 versus CNY 2013: we mostly still look the same haha

初四 (day four): ah po was admitted to the hospital so we spent most of our time in the hospital making sure she's okay. and then at night, i had dinner with the dancers at the singapore flyer.
 初四 lo hei
dancers reunited after more than a year <3
huat ah
as we're older now, we opt for such family-style dinners. butter crab!
dragon babies and we're color-coordinated too haha

初五 (day five): what's CNY without hotpot? therefore, on the fifth day of CNY, friday clique gathered at my place (FaceTime allowed jess to join in our conversation! it was so special and fun!) for hotpot. it was a cold, rainy day too so it was perfect for hotpot! we had so much food!
hotpot feast
friday clique minus jess and cheryl

初六 (day six): we spent the whole day at the hospital spending time with ah po. i'm really grateful for the chance i have to serve her during this time because she served me so much when she was bringing me up. i love her so much and admire how strong she is. she truly is our warrior. 

初七 (day seven): morning breakfast beehoon, ippudo with candice followed by more hospital time and finally, dulu kala with the dearest parents.
twinnies hahaha
my favorite peranakan food!

初八 (day eight): church, hospital, sending the dad off at the airport and squealing over the cute panda displays hahaha
i shall attempt to go see the real pandas (jia jia and kai kai) the next time i'm home

初九 (day nine): malay lunch, picked up my mahjong set (!), hospital, more CNY visiting and then finishing up the night with ah boys to men II and lots of singapore snacks with the mother and sister.

初十 (day ten): sc reunion with liz and rachel, ah po moved to the hospice which is so much better than the hospital (the hospice is like a 5 star hospital!), timbre at malan road with the jc girlfriends (so many memories flowed through my mind that night walking around our old school campus and then walking to the bus-stop and us taking our usual buses home!)
haven't seen these girls in years
ah po watching some tv after dinner
love these two. they are so funny!
malan road memories

初十一 (day eleven): my last official day of vacation and so we went to chinatown for dim sum and i bought the cutest little cheongsam for ruby! we went to the hospice after and then my mom rushed home so we could set off sky lanterns!
dim sum
sam and i were in orchard for my haircut and decided to buy some pretty bread society fruit danish and it had cute CNY signs on it too
baby chloe came to visit ah po at the hospice too!
our warrior!

shin tokyo yusheng!
one last lo hei
wishes for the new year
i wrote down so many wishes!
may all my wishes come true!

初十二 (day twelve): spent on the plane enjoying the last of my singapore snacks - kueh lapis and kaya wassants from provence bakery!

so there you have it, an update on my whole singapore trip even if i just answer, "it was amazing, everything i needed and more" when you ask me about my trip haha.
and now my heart is already looking forward to next chinese new year when i can go back and do this all over again. 
till then, let's hope i don't die in this icy tundra and let's hope the price for christmas break tickets drop hahaha.


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