Saturday, March 23, 2013

chinese new year never ends in my world;

i'm finally blogging about my other dinner party. it has taken me almost three weeks hahaha.
it was a chinese new year dinner party so you can imagine how late this post is.
so, before i went back to singapore, caressa and i decided we were going to have a dinner party for chinese new year the sunday i get back from singapore since its the last day of chinese new year and we wanted to have some friends over.
anyway, i ended up getting back from singapore later than i planned and then people had things come up for the 24th and so we decided to postpone the party a week. 
so, we had it on march 3rd hahaha. chinese new year was over by then but you know what, chinese new year is never over in my world to be honest. i could celebrate it all year round. 
this was how i had the table set since caressa's table is super small. before i left for singapore, i ordered a bunch of chinese new year stuff - the table centerpiece, the red table cloth, the plates, the long trays, the takeout boxes, etc. i loved how red the table looked. so auspicious haha
year of the snake! caressa's roommate wanted to contribute and so you can see fortune cookies on the table as part of the 'decoration' hehe
chinese new year goodies that i brought back all the way from singapore
the laksa was a big hit. i was glad since i basically had a bunch of korean boys/people who've never had laksa over haha.
happy boys getting their food

it was a pretty chill affair. there was a CES fireside that night and so we started a little before so people could get their food and then settle down and watch the fireside together.
the fireside was really good and it was nice to have a group of friends watching it all together.

our main dish for the night was laksa with all the different ingredients that people can add to their noodles - fish cake, taupok, prawns, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, etc.
i also cooked fried beehoon because hyunwoo is weak with anything made with milk. i ended up cooking a whole tray but we finished that too so yay!
and then for dessert, i made mango pudding and egg tarts. very asian hahaha.
i like the whole concept of having just one main dish with kind of an ingredients bar where people could help themselves. 

the funny part of the night was when we took photos.
we could not get a proper group shot until this (our 5th try):

and then i remembered that i brought my polaroid camera and so we started fooling around with that.
when i asked eugene to take one of the three girls, he came up so close to our faces that caressa would not stop laughing and thus we got this beauty:
love it. and tiff and i are trying to imitate those high school-ish poses that photo places would try to make you do hahaha and thats why we had our hands placed weirdly on caressa's shoulders hahaha

when caressa saw that photo, she literally charged towards eugene and was like 'i'm going to kill you.' and then she wanted to take revenge on eugene and took this photo:
eugene did not hesitate to pose at all and then to make things funnier, we made him autograph the photo hahahaha

so yeah, if you would like some free entertainment for the night, polaroids are always fun. or you can just invite eugene and caressa over hahaha.
group shots
more funny photos and they all involve eugene hahaha
we still think he's precious nonetheless

overall, it was a really good party and it was the first time we were having a dinner party with this group of people. its fun to branch out and have parties with people you don't normally hang out with on a regular basis. more conversations with different people!
and, we learned that even though caressa doesn't cook, we are still a great team when it comes to making sure our party people ger fed hehe.
exhausted and ready for bed haha


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