Sunday, March 10, 2013

forever girlfriends;

i haven't blogged in forever because every time i come to my blog, i re-read my post on my singapore adventures and then i get sad that i'm here and i miss singapore and then i get caught up with my emotions and forget to blog hahaha.
it's not that i don't like it here, it's just, i miss my home and it will always have a special place in my heart although i know i love my job and all the things i'm learning are beneficial for my career goals, etc. 
anyway, i'll get off my soapbox. 

life since coming back has been good. i can't believe its been 2 weeks since i've been back!
well, i've sure kept myself busy since coming back.
first off, work has been crazy busy and will continue to be crazy busy all the way into the summer. i like it though! it's better than being bored at work.
and then because i ate SO MUCH in singapore, my after work routine now includes hitting the gym each day after i'm done. it's been a lot of fun though and actually kind of therapeutic because for an hour/hour and a half, i get to be active (if i'm sleepy after work, this wakes me right up) and at the same time, kind of just stare into space and do nothing or ponder on things. and everyone knows how much i love pondering hahaha or maybe overthinking hahaha.

so, since sammie is back in singapore and i don't get to spend my weekends with her anymore, i've actually been so lucky and have had the time to spend my weekends with my older sister! in the past, it was me driving 50 minutes down south to go see sammie and now, its rissa driving 50 minutes east to come see me. i like this hahaha. 

here's what we've been doing the past few weekends:
weekend #1: ballet west on friday night where they performed cinderella (in my honest opinion, i felt it was a little draggy. it could definitely have been done in a shorter period of time  - there were two intermissions and it went on for about 2 and a half hours. the stepsisters, played by male ballet dancers, were amazing though.)
on saturday, we woke up bright and early to hit the gym and omg, there was a HUGE snowstorm. the only thing i did for the rest of that saturday was stay home and plan a party while rissa was brave and went out to lunch with her friends, etc. and because of the snowstorm, rissa stayed an extra night, YAY!
my sister rissa and i. we both spent 13 over years dancing ballet, right up till we were teenagers.

weekend #2: i had a crazy busy day at work but managed to get out in time for us to make it down to provo for a korean festival that sora was performing at. there were game booths to play at before the performance but it was so crowded, we didn't stay at the games area for very long. the performance was amazing though! well worth the wait. sora can seriously go and be a real kpop girl group member hahaha. it was nice cause we also got to see old friends and make some new ones.
sora dearest

on saturday, i made rissa wake up bright and early (hahaha i don't give her very much chance to sleep in when she comes to my place cause i always have so much i want to do - either hitting the gym or eating hahaha) so we could go get some waffles from saturday's waffles, a waffles truck maggie's brother runs.
we got there and there was a long line! but we did finally get our waffles and we even got to meet colin, maggie's brother. i got the eggs benedict waffle and rissa got the caprese. i'm glad we made the choice to get the savory waffles cause the liege waffle was enough sweetness and so everything else helped to balance it out. it was really quite an amazing breakfast, considering that we didn't feel hungry till dinnertime.
a cute little waffle truck
the line is this long every saturday
that mountain view my dad loves so much hahaha
a close up of my benny waffle 
and then we went grocery store hopping hahaha. we didn't plan to but we ended up going from an asian mart to costco to trader joe's hahaha. we wanted to check out this new asian mart that we heard about (which turned out to be pretty decent, with a chinese bakery beside it too) and then rissa had to get gas and so we went to costco and then ended up going in and getting salmon, etc. and then rissa had never been to trader joe's and so i decided to take her there. i love trader joe's and shopping there always reminds me of new york grocery shopping, except the one here is teeny!
we ended the evening eating at our favorite korean restaurant - jang soo jang
kimchi beef pancake. omg so good!
라볶이 has always been a favorite of mine ever since i've had it in korea

weekend #3: friday night we finally got to try a japanese restaurant i've been wanting to try for a very long time. all my asian friends have been raving about it for awhile and i had to try it. we got there at 7pm and there was already a 45-minute wait for a table of two. we were expecting that and so we put our name down and then went to city creek to shop around for a little bit. rissa was the one who wanted to shop but i ended up making the purchase, which i was okay with since i had had a long, crazy busy week at work. went back to takashi after shopping, got a parking spot really quick and were just in time to be seated. 
the traditional soba with pork ribs that we split was really good! the flavor of the pork ribs is very evident in the soup and makes it very flavorful. since we split the noodles, we were also able to get 3 rolls of sushi (the rolls are pretty small). our favorite was definitely the vegetarian roll we got - the buddha roll. so good!
my treat to myself
i love the way they decorated the place
after dinner, we were super full but decided to head to harmon's for some gelato. way good and way cheap. and then we just walked around harmon's and laughed about stuff. my dad had called my sister while we were at dinner and he asked her what she was doing. when she answered, "i'm having dinner with charlotte," all he did was laugh. and we were both saying that he was probably laughing and thinking, "these two single girls have nothing better to do. all they do is go out to eat and go on vacations" hahahaha. well, what else should we do? it's better than staying home and not doing anything right hahaha. grateful to have my sister here. and it's nice to go out to eat with her cause she has a real adult job too and so i don't have to worry about her complaining that the restaurant i picked is too expensive, etc. i hate having to worry about stuff like that when hanging out with friends haha. i need to get new friends who are not in college still.

saturday: i finally let her sleep in till 11am while i went to the gym myself and all. we met up with the angs and jess for lunch at jang soo jang cause my photos made aunt julie want to eat the food so bad hahaha. it was nice cause we got to catch up and all and then we went to city creek to do more shopping. this time, rissa actually bought clothes and shoes so yay hahaha. cause she's the one who doesn't really get to shop but needs clothes versus me who shops all the time and probably doesn't need it at all hahaha.    
we ended the afternoon with a trip to trader joe's, waffles and frites for dinner and rissa making me avocado milkshake before i left for disney on ice.
i'm starting to learn my city and then bring rissa around hahaha
pomme frites and waffle with speculoos!

when you're a girl, it's the best having sisters because they're like your forever girlfriends minus all the drama! i'm already looking forward to next weekend where we'll celebrate jess' birthday (jess is basically like a half sister). it's going to be awesome! 
and while we're having all these adventures, our little one sammie is dearly missed too. i don't want her to leave on her mission even though i know it'll be the best thing she'll ever do in her life. i still talk to her everyday and it's going to be sad when i can't anymore. 
so grateful for technology!


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