Sunday, March 24, 2013

girlfriend dates and a wedding;

since i grew up going to an all girls school for 10 years, i tend to have more good girlfriends over guy friends.
this dynamic has changed a little over the years with university life but i do work in a female-dominated industry and so i still lean on my girlfriends a lot.
recently, i've had the chance to meet up with a couple of them - all from different time periods of my life/different groups of friends and it was nice to realize how strong these friendships are even after all these years.
i'm a person who works hard at my friendships and so i'd like to think that this is a reward of it.

meet sora:
i know i blogged this same photo of us a couple of weeks ago. but anyway, sora and i were study buddies. she was learning english and i was learning korean. i'm so glad we found each other because this resulted in a strong friendship and we used to hang out every weekend with our other korean friends. ever since then, she's gotten into BYU and has been super busy so we don't catch up as much but everytime we see each other, the love from our friendship overflows again.
 some of those late night memories at my place. we would play friday and saturday and then have dinner at my place on sunday. and on friday nights, we could play till 2am or later. i don't know where we got all that energy.

meet morgan:
morgan and i were roommates my sophomore year. we didn't plan to live together but it just happened. best roommate ever. we've somehow managed to keep in touch over all these years and it's fun cause we've both done disney internships and so we have that in common. and then morgan has started watching kdramas and so we talk about that a lot too. and mostly, i love morgan cause she just loves cultures and languages and so we go on little asian/foreign food adventures :)
us as silly roommates putting up our christmas tree
us at a corn maze close to halloween time
at morgan's undergrad graduation recital/april 2012 graduation - me getting my undergrad and her, her masters!
my first ever festival of colors
blue pancakes for homecoming

meet amber:
amber and i go way back. we spent a week together in the mtc as companions and had a ton of fun together. and so, we made sure to keep in touch even after we were both done with our missions and it has been so fun to hang out and just always make sure to keep up-to-date with what each other is doing. she also keeps me sane, making sure i take the time to play amidst the crazy schedule.
us as young missionaries in the MTC hahaha/us fresh off the mission

meet maggie (and her little boy baby clarke):
maggie is one of the disney girls, which means she holds a very special place in my heart. she was there with me in hot hot florida summer 2008, playing at the parks and jumping in puddles and just loving everything disney. maggie's brother owns a waffle truck that is right by my house and so one saturday morning, she decided to drop by so we could chat and catch up too. i hadn't seen baby clarke since august 2012 and so, boy has he grown up and he's the cutest!
gotta love my maggie!
christmas 2008, post-disney summer of dreams
ice-skating 2009

and as if i wasn't lucky enough to have seen a number of my favorite girls since i've been back, i also got to see my BFF of all time.
meet melissa:
where do i even begin? let's just say that the moment i met melissa my sophomore year, i knew we were going to be best friends! we're very alike in many ways. we both love shopping. we always make it a point to look nice - everyone would always ask us, 'what's the occasion?' and we would always think to ourselves, 'nothing special. it's just, we don't go around in ugly clothes in general.' we love hello kitty. we're very asian and have parents who are very alike in many ways. we love the same shows and can't stand the same things hahaha. we're basically, really similar. almost like twins. i don't know what i would do without melissa. 
matching shoes christmas 2008/CNY 2009
pho and boba. two of our favorite things in the world
so similar we even bought similar christmas gifts for each other (christmas 2011)

  although this post is focused on my girlfriends, i also wanted to include two special guy best friends who i was so fortunate to see this weekend - patrick and gabe!
we all got to meet at patrick's wedding this weekend and it was the greatest!
seeing patrick so happy with his eternal companion and getting to hold gabe's little ruby - special special moments!
patrick and gabe were in the PR program with me and we were there for each other through it all. we even all ended up going to new york together and living that summer of dreams! and then we all moved back to utah and got real jobs! it's been so great having them around always! 
these two are so cute together!
#patrickloveschelsea. oh yes he does!

i'm teaching the relief society lesson tomorrow and it focuses on how we are to become perfect before the Lord, a little better day by day. and while preparing the lesson, i thought a lot about how trials help perfect us. and i looked back on my past few months and looked at how my life has been so hard but amidst it all, i have received so much love and support from my family and friends and i would be ungrateful if i didn't count my blessings. just look at my little support group that i have mentioned up there. that doesn't even begin to cover them all and so i must be grateful.

alright, time to sleep!
have a good rest of the weekend!


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