Sunday, March 10, 2013

happy 25th birthday gwen!

happy quarter of a century my brown girl who lives all the way across the world!
happy birthday gwen cho! oh how i miss you but i know you'll have a magical birthday with family, friends and of course, gabe.
so grateful that our paths crossed and for the memories all these years.
i just looked through old photos to relive the memories and gosh, i wish we were both in the same country and more free so we could hang out all the time, celebrate each other's birthdays, take dance classes together again, bake at my place when we feel like it, celebrate the different holidays together, etc.
well, here's to many more years of friendship. i'll let the photos do the talking and you can relive these memories too. 
p.s. we used to take SO MANY more photos. i guess we've gotten lazy as we've grown older hahaha. 

some random day on the mrt, on our way home
dancers' christmas dinner 2005
dancers' baking session at my place 2005
dancers' sleepover at your place christmas eve eve 2005
dancers' school holiday meetup 2005
SA open house 2005

dancers' christmas party 2006 at jacq's house
boons' 18th birthday chalet
2006 j1 orientation performance
random school day with dance practice
gwen's 18th birthday
the two who always traveled home together since we live in the same direction
sports day 2006 - on bus 142 hahaha
my 18th birthday
rapture at esplanade 2006
pris' 19th birthday/prom

vday 2007 (boys in the army haha)/ben and jerry's on one of our regular wednesday meetups
yet another baking session at my house
wednesday hangouts
k-ster/saying goodbye
new year's eve+boons' 19th birthday/boxing day 2007

one tired night at mambo where we were basically the only two sober ones

at joanne's 21st/my 21st!
beach outing summer 2009
my homecoming at timbre
feb 2011 at NTUC hahaha
conquered the rollercoasters/gwen, are you in love?
favorite photo of the year hahaha
christmas gift exchange 2011

thank you for always being there, especially when it comes to giving me love advice or just listening to my stories and drama hahaha.
thank you for always making sure to send me a birthday gift and christmas gift each year even when i'm always so far away.
one day in the near future, we will be able to celebrate each other's birthdays again as well as our future kids' birthdays and full month celebrations, etc hehe.
hurry get married! and i can't wait for your house to be ready so we can hang out there.

your birthday celebrations that year was my favorite hahaha


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