Monday, March 18, 2013

kiss me, i'm irish

so amidst my terribly rough week, i contemplated cancelling this dinner party that i had planned a pretty long time ago for my dear friend jess' birthday. 
but then i decided that i needed to do what i was taught growing up. during your toughest times, lose yourself in service.
i'm sure glad we had the party cause it was a good night of laughter with friends.
since jess' birthday was just one day before st. patrick's day, we decided to throw a st. patrick's day themed party for her (even though she's not a fan of the color green. my birthday should be the one close to st. patrick's day, dang it.)

the menu:
1. pot of gold (potato soup) -  we used the recipe from pioneer woman and it was SO GOOD!
 2. rainbow salad (jaymie made a most delicious and colorful salad)
3. pinch proof pesto pasta
4. corned beef and cabbage - we dished this out last and i forgot to take a photo
5. over the rainbow (fruit skewers)
 6. shamrock sweets (pandan cake [not pictured] and pistachio dessert, made by jaylin and kim respectively)
7. for drinks, we just had 7-up and then added food coloring to make it green
the table full of food, all set for dinner (you can see the corned beef and cabbage here - our first try making irish food)

and then since my house has such a nice dining table for dinner parties, i decided we would all sit round the table and eat and this was how i had the table set:
my roommate decorates our house according to each holiday and so the shamrock table runner was already on the table and then i just ordered st. patrick's day themed plates/napkins, etc. i know a lot of people like to use nice plates and all but i still like to go the easy route and do disposable plates and utensils cause it makes cleaning up super fast!
 happy st. patrick's day

we had a cosy group of friends over and it was nice to all sit round one big table and be able to interact all at once since the group wasn't too big and the house wasn't too noisy with people all over the place.
food makes russell a happy boy
grumpy leprechaun hahaha
dinner setting

we all ate till we were so full and all basically entered a food coma haha.
to wake us up, i had irish bingo prepared.
so it's basically the same concept as normal bingo, except for the fact that there are picture symbols instead of numbers.
charles was our winner for the night. and his wife was the one who picked the winning card hahaha.
since we don't drink, we prepared a gift card to cold stone creamery :)

after playing irish bingo, we played this dice game (basically a drinking game - except with no alcohol). you roll the dice and one tells you what action you need to do - "burp," "drink 2 shots," etc and the other tells you how it is to be done, "in 10 seconds," "slowly," "on one leg," etc.
it was pretty fun especially cause the water had a lot of ice in it and so trying to drink the water fast gives you a brain freeze. and then there's everyone trying to chug down 7-up so they can burp hahaha.
jaymie tipping over because the water was so cold!
even the birthday girl was not spared haha

and then all that water left us too bloated for cake.
we baked this huge cupcake for jess since we found the pan in my house haha.
jess' face was epic. she like could not recover from her shock or something hahaha.
happy birthday jess!
this is what it looked like when it was cut open hahaha

all in all, it was a great dinner party and i was glad everyone could come and celebrate with jess!
we love jess!

and since we had so much food, everyone got to take something home.
going crazy while packing up hahaha

and then for party favors, i made these little packages that had shamrock mints inside a shamrock container plus a little cute irish badge to go with it.

till the next dinner party! i love throwing dinner parties but i have to have a good enough reason for everyone to drive up to my house in salt lake hehe.
the last dinner party i threw (which i still need to blog about), we did it down in provo at caressa's apt and they don't have a long dining table and so it wasn't as much of a dinner party i guess.
anyway, here's hoping this week is a better one!


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