Sunday, May 12, 2013

all you need for entertainment is a baby;

i was just looking at my photos from the past week so i could think about what to blog about and i realized that i spent time with the same few friends basically this whole week.
sometimes, i can be a really bad friend. i get comfortable with a group of my friends and i just want to do things with that group all the time cause i have so much fun. and then, i neglect all my other friends.
well, it's been nice hanging out with this same group of friends this past week.
did i already mention how i love that everyone has so much more time to play during the summer! it's so great!

on tuesday night, we had a chicken rice party at jess' place. it was pouring so hard that night and it was such a pain to drive down in the heavy rain. but, we had good food and laughed about the craziest things. we also had pretty good discussions about deeper topics and that was good.
chicken rice and of course we match that with cabbage soup!
and then we finally satisfied our almond jelly craving. so apparently, my mahjong set looks like almond jelly and so when we played last saturday night, that left everyone craving for some almond jelly and that's why jess decided to make some haha. doesn't it look just amazing!
happy faces ready to stuff ourselves with almond jelly hehe.

on friday night, jess decided to have a bak kut teh party. and since i don't like bak kut teh, she decided to cook char siew chicken and fried wanton too haha. such a nice friend.
i was craving boba and so rissa and i stopped to get boba on our way to jess' place and oh man, taro coconut boba hits the spot every single time!
jay's favorite boba is taro boba too so yay taro boba twins!
there's a funny story behind this garbage photo. you see those golden brown wantons in the trash? jess put them there cause she said they were burnt! we were like going crazy cause it's supposed to be that color! the rest of her wantons ended up really pale hahaha.
funny jay wanted to pick them out of the trash and eat them hahaha.
char siew chicken and fried wantons
we had mango pudding for dessert this time and this is ryu eating his dessert haha
those kids in the back only focused on candy crush while i was setting up the camera
ryu looks like wreck-it ralph again since he's sitting in front haha. look at the size of his head compared to mine hahaha. 
aww, we look like we actually like each other haha.
and then we got a little bit weird.
it was a good friday night hangout. 
i had a lot of work to do so i ended up working the night away while these kids played mahjong.
they got really high at some point and were a little crazy haha. funny what happens when we're all too tired.
i was clearly too tired too cause around midnight, i started to spell champions as "champons" hahahaha.
it was fun though cause i still got to play 2 games of mahjong at around 1am before we wrapped up for the night. and i won pretty quickly too hahaha.

tonight, we had a BBQ/hotpot party at jeremiah's. 
the crowd wasn't the normal crowd i'm used to but my close friends were there and we had a baby to play with the whole time so it was great haha. 
funny how we just need one baby to entertain us the whole time hahaha.
it was good. we had satay (yay!) and sweet potatoes grilling outside and we also had good ol' hotpot going on inside the house. best of both worlds.
veggies and different varieties of balls for the hotpot
everyone hard at work eating/bbq-ing hehe
satay and grilled vegetables

we spent most of our time playing with this cute munchkin hehe and she was absolutely adorable!
babies in the house!
she had so much fun that she was super sleepy by the time it was time for her to go home hehe
i tried to make her walk but she simply leaned forward and looked like she was doing the titanic hahaha
a photo with my girls to end off the night - i love how we're all so blue-ish haha.
it makes all the difference in the world having good girlfriends who think like you and who are always there for you.

besides these parties, i've just been pretty slammed at work.
and so i was glad to be able to get out of the office for a bit on wednesday for a mid-week photo/video shoots for one of our clients.
we shot it (my portion) at the embassy suites with a cute cute family. we even got to all eat lunch together at the shula restaurant in the hotel before wrapping up our shoot there. it was so fun!
the food there was really good too. and for the shoot, all the food they brought out looked amazing, especially the dessert and all. we had the dad cut his mahi mahi and taste it over and over again to get the perfect shot and each time we would say, "could you take another bite?" he would go, "yeah of course hahaha." must be nice to be paid to eat your food hahaha. 
great set-up and their youngest boy was the cutest! he was so fun to watch and he had so many different little expressions, it was great. 

and guess what, today is also mother's day so i hope we all take some time to reflect on how great our mothers are and how much they have done for us.
i personally am really grateful to have my mom there for me always. she's the best to me!
a beautiful mom deserves beautiful flowers :)
happy mother's day!

i hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend.
church tomorrow to rejuvenate the tired soul and then a new week of work!


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