Sunday, May 5, 2013

summer weather

i haven't blogged since i've been home from singapore. it's been a good few weeks since then so i figured i'd blog before going to bed tonight.
and as i'm typing this, my eyes are slowly shutting on me hahaha.
i don't know why i'm so tired all the time hahaha. the worse part is, my body doesn't allow me to sleep in much, even if i slept late the night before!
like last night, i went to bed at like 1:40 a.m. and by 9:39 a.m. this morning, i was wide awake and even lying on my bed with my eyes closed, i felt wide awake sigh. so instead, i woke up and cleaned my room and did laundry and so my room (and clothes) are all nice and clean now hahaha.

following my series of unfortunate events over the first four months of the year, i feel like things are actually starting to get a little better (but i better not say much just in case i jinx it). 
i finally got my car back! omg, huge relief. and the good thing is, i barely paid anything for it so i guess the fighting and waiting worked out.
summer weather is also here, which means the BBQs are all happening now! haha.
the flowers are out and the pastel clothing are out in the stores!
i've also been spending some time with the singaporeans lately and it's been good. 
spring: when flowers bloom and when i can whip out my cute sandals
lemon ricotta cookies/mint jeans and green slippers
yummy korean food to celebrate getting my car back! i could eat at jangsoojang all day everyday :)
the ahjumma there knows us now and always talks to us in korean so we can practice hehe.
lunch at sixth and pine on a random saturday
uncle eric, john and chrystal hard at work at our singaporean bbq last saturday
singapore satay! much love to uncle eric for preparing this.
mee goreng and other good stuff. omg i totally overate and felt so sick after haha. you know that feeling when you sit and eat a lot and then when you stand up, the food somehow sinks down and it hits you how full you are hahahaha.
we brought corn and sweet potatoes and they were delicious! this is chrystal distributing the tray of yummyness :)
we were trying to gather everyone to take a group photo and this awesome couple was all set and ready immediately hehe
biggest group photo in awhile
farewell to john/jaymie jaymie jaymie
the little brother and his girlfriend. love these two.
and since it's summer break for everyone, people have more time to play (yay!) and there are also many weddings to attend haha.
this past friday we attended rachel & parker's wedding reception and it was beautiful! so happy for those two!
their bridals were so cute! they had a string of photos hanging at the entrance.
gorgeous photo/their carriage of presents
i loved their guest book idea - writing messages on jenga blocks.
 the food was good too. the egg and potato salad (not pictured) was my favorite.
cake cutting and then we had yum seng after which left me so breathless since they do it three times.
jay jay! haven't seen this girl in so long!
with the amazingly gorgeous bride! love her!
happy wedding day mr. and mrs. teshima!
saying goodbye to the bride and groom. their wedding car was very well-decorated! and it was a dang nice car. 

in the meantime, weekends are still relaxing with shopping and meals with the sister. i always look forward to the weekends :)
last night's dinner at rumbi island grill
also got to play mahjong with this girl after forever and hahahaha, this is the first round where she hogged so many tiles and i was so puzzled as to why shaun was missing tiles hahaha
here's to more mahjong nights like these this summer

and even though i'm not really doing anything fun this summer and just working, i'm trying to plan fun stuff on the weekends since everyone is more free to play now.
excited for our chicken rice party at jess' on tuesday night and then i'm finally having another dinner party at my house the first week of june, after we get back from vegas with the extended family memorial day weekend. it's going to be a nautical dinner party and i'm way excited about it,
and then i'm also beginning to think about what i want to do my birthday weekend. that friday night i have kenz's wedding to attend and so i can't fly anywhere so i'm thinking of doing an afternoon tea thing at the grand america on saturday with some of my close girlfriends. and that's the extent of my birthday planning hahaha,
anyway, i need to sleep now. have a good week, everyone!


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