Monday, June 3, 2013

happy birthday daddy!

a great man celebrates his birthday today. this man is none other than my dearest daddy!
so sad that i can't be there to wish him happy birthday and give him a great big hug! 
in fact, the last time i got to celebrate his birthday with him was back in 2009, right before i left for my mission. wow, that was four years ago!
daddy's birthday celebration at peach garden 2009

for his birthday this year, my sister rissa and i bought him a nice pair of sperry top sider loafers since he's always talking about how he needs to get new shoes. 
as of right now, i don't think he's even seen it yet because it went through a long path of delivery (from jess to my uncle and then my mother has failed to collect it from my uncle hahaha). but i'm excited to see him wear it because it is exactly his style!
we have a whatsapp family group chat and this great man wrote, "thank you all for the birthday wishes and present. when you are old, you actually do not look forward to your birthday. cannot imagine that i am 3 years from retirement." my response, simple, "hahaha we still celebrate your birth though!"
he has no idea how grateful my sisters and i are that he was brought to this earth and that we can call him our daddy!
this year, i lost my grandmother and as i reflected on the great woman and mother that she was, i also felt a great sense of gratitude for the man my father has become as a result of her great influence. just as i am grateful for how well my ah po brought him up, i too am grateful for how well he brought me up.

recently, i've been thinking about how i was as a teenager. not sure why i am being totally random like that but the more i remember what i was like as a teenager, the more i realized that i was a really hard teenager to raise. i was rebellious in every way possible and felt that my parents were trying to ruin my life.
but my father (and my mother) never gave up on me. 
if you know me well, you'll know that i have a great amount of sass in me. therefore, i'm always the first to complain/be irritated/use sharp words, etc. i'm number one at talking back, not being patient or tolerant. i was also number one when it came to stomping to my room and slamming my door. 
recently, i've been watching a drama and in the drama, it talks about this great father and his three daughters. coincidentally, just like my family, the second daughter is the one with the sharp tongue. the father is amazing and treats his daughters very well. one day, he meets with an accident and passes away. the second daughter cried a lot and was very upset because all she can remember is how she didn't treat her father well and would always talk back/argue with him. i cried hard watching the drama and immediately wanted my daddy to know that i love him very much no matter how rude i am sometimes.

my daddy is so ever patient with me. in march when i was having car problems, i was often frustrated and somewhat rude over the phone. but yet he listened and tried to comfort me. in the end, because he's so far away and can't quite help me, he asked his friend who lives in texas to help me instead and his friend was the one who helped me solved the problem eventually. 
whenever i have a problem or big decision to make, the first thing i would do is talk to my dad (and mom). it always comes in the form of a message like "CALL ME ASAP!" hahahaha. and with these big decisions to make, my daddy would always give me some advice but he would never indicate clearly which choice i should make. he would always make sure i have the freedom of making my own choice and then he would do all he can to support me all the way. 
 he's supported me through all my decisions in life (choosing to serve a mission, to study overseas at BYU, to work at disneyworld in florida, to intern in new york city, etc), even if at times they were really expensive decisions (financially).

whenever my mummy panics about me, my daddy would always gently remind her to just let me be. he knows perfectly how to let me make my own decisions/mistakes and learn and grow. 
when my sisters and i fly home to singapore, he's always at the airport, ready to welcome us home and give us a big hug.
haha! you need to understand that the flights we take always land at like 2am or so haha

when one of my tires blew a few weeks ago and i had to pay to get all my tires changed and then also fix one of my tire rods that was bent, my daddy immediately offered to pay for it all. i politely refused and said that i would feel bad if he has to do so because i'm already so old, all grown up and working, and yet he still has to worry about me financially like that. he promptly replied very cutely, "old means ah ma (grandmother), you are still a baby (insert a ton of smiley face emoticons - hahaha)." i seriously wanted to cry. i will always be my daddy's baby girl.

people always say i look just like my daddy and sometimes i complain cause that means i look exactly like a boy but i am proud to look like my handsome daddy!
the photo on the left shows my daddy as a young boy (he's the one standing in front of my ah po) and the photo on the right shows me as a young (and fat) baby. you can see the resemblance immediately huh haha.

my daddy (in recent years) likes to talk about how he's getting old and can't remember things and always calls himself "old dad" but in our eyes, he will forever seem young. and he always shows us his young heart when he makes jokes and is cheeky haha. 
trying to be funny by carrying the shopping bag like a handbag haha/he's always fooling around with my mother like that hahaha
he saw people exercising in the park and proceeded very naturally to go exercise too hahaha
he always makes funny faces like these when i whip out my camera hahaha

to my dearest lao pa, please stay ever awesome and young at heart.
happy happy birthday!
i love you very much and cannot wait to see you at the end of the year!
have a wonderful birthday and please don't work too hard on your special day!


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