Tuesday, June 18, 2013

if nautical nonsense be something you wish;

today is a good day.
i haven't been home just sitting and chilling in a long time.
i'm so busy working on the weekdays and then on the weekends, i'm so busy doing things i can't do during the week and then the cycle repeats.
it's nice to have a day off work once in awhile - especially during the summer.
so here i am sitting in my living room while lunch is cooking, just blogging away. feels therapeutic to just sit and write, all while sipping a glass of orange juice and looking out into the sunny and green view outside. 

last week at my friend steph's party, my friend leah gently reminded me that i am way behind on updating about the nautical dinner party that we had at my place two weeks back.
so here i am blogging about it haha. 
i hadn't had a dinner party at my place since st. patrick's day and so i decided i would have one in june to celebrate summer. 
and i had had some nautical party supplies for awhile and it fit with the whole summer theme and so i decided, nautical dinner party!

once again, we just invited a small group of seven friends.
two from our old wards, three from singapore and two from my mission.
it was really amazing how everyone found that they had some sort of mutual friend over the course of the night.
our menu for this party was simpler because cooking the last dinner party was really tiring.
and it worked out great cause we didn't spend that much time cooking at all and everything was just a lot simpler.

for the table setting, i didn't do much except tie the napkin and utensils together with a piece of string and top it off with a lifesaver candy.
and then i just had chevron patterned plates and a long striped table runner with seashells on top. didn't spend very much at all since i had most of the stuff around my house already.
setting the table
we had both blue and red plates and completed the setup with nautical placecards
table all set

the menu for the night included:
1. clam chowder soup and a sweet potato and black bean salad to start us off
i picked a crockpot clam chowder recipe so i wouldn't have to watch it as much while it was cooking and then the salad was a recipe from my old roommate and it was absolutely delicious.
 2. pulled pork sandwiches for the main dish
a crockpot dish once again. i didn't enjoy this recipe as much as another recipe i had used previously but it was okay.
3. cheddar cheese biscuits
we also made yummy yummy cheddar cheese biscuits that we put in little baskets on the table for easy access
4. drinks - we made this drink called water with a punch which basically just tastes like lemonade
you gotta have lemonade in the summer for a refreshing taste right? i also got to use my seashell punch bowl that i was very excited about haha
5. dessert - strawberry jelly hearts cheesecake
don't you think of strawberries in the summer? this is so easy to make too and is light enough for a small dessert.
and there you have it, the whole table full of food. i'm actually pretty impressed that we only had so little food but it fed all nine of us.
for the food table centerpiece, i used this cute little wishing tree cause the colors matched the theme really well. it's used for farewell/bon voyage parties. people can write well wishes on the strips of paper and hang them up on the wishing tree.

the company was awesome as usual. 
i've said this before but i love having everyone sit round one big table cause that way, it is not only nice and cosy, it is also hard to have your own little side conversations. people end up all just having one big conversation and it is great. cause that's how dinners should be. not just two people catching up in one corner.
and with inviting different groups of friends, you'll never run out of different stories to tell.
our cute friends who nicely just stood around and chatted while we were setting up
jay looking excited to dig into the salad hehe
us all gathered round the table
the food
dinner table conversations

after dinner and dessert, we made sure to do our usual photo-taking and then we played a little mahjong with the small group of people who stayed.
russell was the only one all set and ready to go when i first starting gathering the group hehe
and these girls just had their butts to me while i was trying to set up the camera haha
we always have a nice, normal shot and then a funny shot and i always love the funny shot more haha
i told him to take a photo of jay and i... and this is what i got (you're becoming too much like branon, no no no)
my boys
BDA/granary wardies - hadn't seen these two girls in months!
     mission best friend and his wife

it was a good good night and i was so sleepy by the time we were all done.
we cleaned up and went to bed almost immediately haha.
can't wait for the next dinner party haha. dinner parties all summer long.
i haven't thought of any fun themes recently though. any ideas?
my sister bought a harry potter cookbook and so she wants to do a harry potter themed party and then we were thinking that we should have a korean themed party too. that should be fun. 
what else is very summery though? 
oh well, it's only the middle of june so i still have awhile more till july when we'll probably have the next one.
next blog post: our amazing LA weekend getaway.


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