Friday, June 7, 2013


well, forgive my super lame blog post title but that's just what's been going on hahaha.
i haven't done a update about my life in awhile because life has just been happening and time has slipped by. 
and we're already at the end of the first week of june! the summer is slipping by fast.
and i might be okay with that haha.
you have no idea how hard it is to work when everyone is on summer break!
people invite you to things during the day and you can't go.
people invite you to hang out at night (oh summer nights) and you can't stay out late because you have to wake up early in the morning - lame.
and then when you sneak out at lunchtime to do lunch outside with a friend, it takes all the energy in the world to go back to the office to work.
gah so painful!
and then everyone has all these fun summer trips planned and you are stuck in the office and can only take expensive weekend trips sigh.

nonetheless, life has been fun and i've gotten to see a lot of people i haven't seen in months.
for example, i got to see mackenzie love twice in the month of may - imagine that! once for her bridal shower and once before magpie left for new mexico! it was nice to finally be with my disney girls. we're just all too busy and too far apart sometimes.
cute lingerie to match the disney princess
it's only been two months since i last saw magpie and i swear her baby bump got a lot bigger - so cute! can't wait to meet her little disney princess!

i also got to lunch with dearest marcus tanner before he left for his adventure in taiwan.
i hadn't had lunch with this boy since he came home from china at the end of december and so i decided that i needed to make lunch a priority to catch up on his china adventures before he went on this taiwan adventure. didn't want to be too far behind with regards to his life.
we had lunch at my favorite pizza place - este and just caught up.
this marcus tanner is still as sassy and crazy as ever.
and he still fails at opening his eyes in photos.
and, he's still as adorable as ever! as he walked away after walking me to my car, he yelled, 爱你哦~ and i just went "aww." he's so crazy but yet such an adorable little boy!
red red red red red

i've also seen quite a bit of this old roommate of mine lately too.
morgan and i are actually looking to move in together in the fall!
roommates reunited!
morgan got a job out in south jordan and wants to move up to salt lake so yay!
we just need to find a place now hahaha. who would have thought? we were last roommates in 2008 which means that since the time we were roommates till now, we've both done disney internships, i've served a mission, we've both graduated (my undergrad and her master's), etc.
we went and got korean food at my favorite korean restaurant one fine summer day and ended up chatting for 2 hours (oops) and i didn't even realized the time had gone by so quickly.
and then yesterday, i got to catch up with morgan again at her sister lauren's bridal shower. i'm so glad she's in utah!
look at how cute she is! we had korean food and chatted about traveling to korea and korean dramas, etc. gotta love how she's gotten so hooked on the korean culture hehe
just us being us hehe

another thing that's been on my mind a lot lately is new york just cause it's the summer and i can't believe it's been a year now. 
today was national doughnut day and i immediately thought about last year's national doughnut day! henry bought donuts for the whole office! and then it made me think of my favorite doughnut place in new york - doughnut plant! and then the memories just kept flowing.
and just little things here and there keep reminding me of new york. 
like memorial day weekend made me remember how we walked the brooklyn bridge that weekend, etc.
oh the memories!
and then on sunday, i got to visit with gabe and his family and we talked new york again haha. it was so nice to visit with them and to hold his baby girl ruby again. his family is just so stinking cute and i'm so happy for him with his new job and all.
she kept staring at us for the longest time - i bet she was wondering who we were because she's starting to recognize people

and then last but not least, i got to have lunch with monika before she leaves for china. 
see what i mean when i say everyone is going everywhere and i'm just here hahaha.
we dined at the front porch of her beautiful house up near the capitol. her roommate laura made us lunch and it was delicious.
it was so nice to sit out on the front porch, watch people walk by while the soft breeze blew in our faces. 
i had such a hard time getting myself back to work hahaha. 
i wish i could just spend my summer on her front porch reading books and enjoying summer hahaha.

so, that's what i've been up to lately beside vegas and a nautical dinner party that i threw last weekend. i'll blog about those soon.
and then next weekend it's off to LA and then let the birthday celebrations begin.
i honestly don't want my birthday to come but oh well, you just have to embrace the age hahaha! 
i'm going to party all month long hahaha.

k and since i'm clearly such a grandma now, it's friday night 11:30pm and i can't open my eyes anymore so i'm going to go to sleep!
happy weekend and happy summer!


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