Sunday, June 9, 2013

memorial day weekend vegas trip!

yay! i'm finally blogging about vegas.
well, it's only been 2 weeks so i consider this pretty good haha.
i just wanted to make sure i get this trip post up before i go on my next trip next weekend cause then i will fail to blog about this altogether hahaha.
i feel like i've gone to vegas so many times these past six months! once in january, once in march and then once in may. that's every two months haha.
but rest assured, i will not be making a trip to vegas in july. at least i hope not since the weather is burning hot right now hahaha.
so, the reason why we went to vegas last month was cause my cousin, her husband, my aunt and uncle were going to be there and so we decided to go meet up with them. we tried to get them to come visit us in utah but they weren't having any of it haha.
we were worried the weather was going to be super hot by then but it really wasn't too bad. it was really hot the day we left to drive back to utah though.

on this trip, we basically over ate.
it was so serious, i couldn't eat real food for days after coming back (plus i gained a whole kg!). eating hot food reminded me of that feeling of eating so much and i would stop after only a few bites of my food haha.
so here's a summary of some of our food adventures:
1. saturday (day one) brunch: dim sum at rio hotel
2. saturday dinner: big portions at serendipity's followed by frozen hot chocolate for dessert
3. sunday (day two) lunch: sura korean bbq buffet
i think we were pretty hungry after shopping the whole morning. and then we were very excited about the kalbi too which resulted in too much eating!
full fat faces
4. gelato at palazzo - uncle eric won at the casino and ice-cream was our treat when he won the first round. we couldn't resist because the gelato looked too good (even when we were so full!)
5. sunday night dinner - we couldn't eat till like almost 10pm because we were just so full from lunch! dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant - kj kitchen and gosh, i can't get enough of the sweet and sour pork.
and i absolutely love how they always give you a free soup and sometimes a free dessert too. love love love to have soup with my meals.
6. monday (day three) lunch: taiwanese food at yi mei taiwanese deli and omg, i got to eat oyster omelette! my first time in years and that made me happy hehe.
7. monday dinner and tuesday lunch: kimbap, pajeon and mandu that we bought from our favorite korean mart - greenland

and of course, lest you think we only ate, we also did do other things like:
1. shopping: on day one, we shopped at fashion show mall and ross. and then on day two, we shopped at the premium outlets.
2. watched a magic show at planet hollywood
3. walked the strip
4. watched a cirque du soleil show - we picked o since the idea of a water show seemed interesting and we really liked it. it was cool.
5. visited the world's largest chocolate fountain in the bellagio
 there's milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate
6. explored the venetian and the palazzo where we chanced upon some masquerade parade thing going on.
7. gambled and won (well, only my uncle did the gambling and he did win a decent amount hahaha)
8. played games at the resort when the heat was draining and we were tired
9.  a trip to walmart to get random supplies haha
little junior chan is normally not that big. he only looks this big after a full meal and i think we did a good job feeding his mommy those few days in vegas hehe
10. korean mart shopping for asian food supplies

all in all, it was an amazing trip and we were sad to say goodbye. but i'm glad we were able to spend time together and that we had fun!
the next time we see this cousin of ours back in singapore, she will have little junior chan by her side too. so excited!


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