Monday, July 15, 2013

birthday post

yes it has been two weeks since my birthday but i did receive yet another birthday present in the mail today so i guess i think i'm still celebrating haha. 
i was really dreading my birthday this year cause having to spend it in utah just doesn't sound very fun, does it haha. 
but, i had a really good birthday weekend and i did in fact feel very loved.
thank you to everyone who send me birthday greetings and especially thank you to those who made it a point to wish me via text or whatsapp. 
i cherish/appreciate those birthday wishes more because it takes more effort (the person would actually have to had remembered your birthday without facebook reminding them/even if they remembered cause facebook reminded them, they went the extra mile to get their phone to text you instead of just wishing you on facebook since they were on there). thank you!

on friday, a bunch of my coworkers and i went out to la puente for lunch and then in the afternoon while at work, a lovely flower basket came from my family. 
funny story revolving that, the night before i was talking to my family over whatsapp in our group chat and my mother suddenly asked my sister, "so the flowers will be sent tmr?" and i was so confused but there was no mention of it afterwards and i just brushed it off.
well, turns out my family had been planning this for weeks and then my mother accidentally let the cat out of the bag the night before hahaha. it was still a nice surprise though haha.
the cute bear (that now sits on my bed) and the gorgeous flowers. there was a balloon hanging from it too

friday night i got to go to one of my good friends' wedding.
she looked beautiful and it was such a cute setup. 
i was so excited for her because she had waited so long for this day.
i still remember when she first started dating kyle and she told us disney girls about him. she told us she knew she would marry him (and this was after their first few dates). and voila, one year later, they're married!
i guess she knew when she met the one haha. 
  and they lived happily ever after

saturday morning started off with a gym session followed by a temple session at the salt lake temple.
it's always calming to be in the temple and i really enjoyed the peace i felt.
after the temple session, we headed over to grand america to check in and get ourselves ready for tea.
the room was really pretty and classy

the grand traditions tea was absolutely perfect.
i had heard much about it and always wanted to get a group of girlfriends together to go to tea but had never gotten down to doing it so i figured that my birthday would be a good time for this.
we got there and were seated.
the setup was really cute and the waitress introduced all the different teas to us.
three of us picked the acai pomengranate, two picked the mint melange and one picked the green tea passion. 
while waiting for our tea to sit and be ready, we started off with a strawberries and creme chantilly.
it was light and good but the strawberries were a little sour since they are not in season. 
and then the food kept coming.
you wouldn't expect that afternoon tea would make you feel full but oh my, by the time we got to the desserts tray, we couldn't even finish it haha.
everything was so pretty!
we got to sit on really nice chairs too
so ever grateful for my girlfriends with whom i can have girly giggly conversations with
we spent a fair amount of time taking tons of polaroids and photos too haha

after we got done with tea, we changed into our swimming suits and headed down to relax at the pool.
we basically just sat on our floats in the water and chatted haha.
we chatted and chatted and chatted and since the sun sets late now, we lost track of time and by the time we went back up to the room, it was 8:38pm hahaha.
we quickly washed up and headed out for a late dinner. 
chill time by the pool
quick dinner at california pizza kitchen

we got back to the hotel room after and for some strange reason, we were all so pooped out hahaha.
we all changed into our jammies and then lazed around playing with our phones, etc hahaha
then we finally decided to have our mask time since jaymie brought us all masks.
terrifying photo hahaha. we all laid down while we had our masks on and were all falling asleep hahaha

and then at midnight, i opened my presents from these sweet girls.
it was seriously the best!
they know me so well hahaha - bracelet, hello kitty, headbands, dress (and more, not pictured)

and then we decided to play some uno and poor jaymie kept having to draw cards, "+2, +2, +2, +2" hahahaha!
and then at around 1:45am, we were all dying so i said last game and the last game took foreverrrrr. isn't it always like that hahaha. we ended up going to bed at around 2:15am and were out till like 9 ish in the morning hahaha. 
this photo shows everything needed for a good girls' night: face masks, nail polish, card games and chick flicks hahaha
sunday: we all washed up and got ready for church.
church was good. although sunday was my actual birthday, we just had a simple cake cutting with some friends. we ended up chatting for hours and all of us just skipped dinner hahaha.
it was really fun to hang out with this group of friends though cause i hadn't spent time with them in awhile.
the birthday cake. i had this rosette design in mind and was really excited when i found a bakery that did it and for pretty cheap too. i was very satisfied with how pretty it turned out hehe.
make a wish make a wish!
more awesome friends

and so that was my birthday weekend. 
i was even so lucky that i got to extend my birthday festivities an extra day. monday night my sister took me out for dinner at the market street grill (sponsored by my lovely parents).
the food was really good. the clam chowder was the best!

surprisingly, i received a lot of presents this year (you know how the number of presents you receive decreases as you get older haha) and so that was a pleasant surprise.
it was nice also to get gifts that were so me because then i know that my friends actually know me well enough to pick out the right gifts.
i had a lot of presents come by snail mail and that meant a lot to me.
from the parents // from vicki
love love love the mint color, from gwen
from pris
from yan yan
 prettiest necklace from the BFF

and there you have it, yet another birthday has passed and i feel old but thank you everyone for your love! what would i do without my family and friends?


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