Thursday, July 11, 2013

happy engagement, pris!

i have a tight group of girlfriends called the dancers.
we met in junior college (high school) and spent many hours of each week together in dance practices or shopping for dance costumes. 
when we were not in dance practices, we liked to go to swensen's for ice cream and fries haha. 

and then we graduated from junior college, started part-time jobs while waiting for admission into university and for the first time in our lives, we found ourselves fighting because we weren't used to having to coordinate schedules for meet ups. we went from seeing each other almost every day to only once a month and it was hard on us.
thankfully, we figured it out and created weekly wednesday meet ups (our schedules were crazy hard to coordinate but i was thankful that we found one day of the week). 

and then i left to come here for school and we learned to work with the many miles between us. 
we went through our university days, meeting up only two or three times a year when i would fly home for christmas break. 
now, we've all graduated from university and have each found a full-time job.

the day it really hit me that we're all grown up now was december 21, 2013. i was home for the christmas break and the dancers all met up for dinner at our favorite place, swensen's. 
at that dinner, pris broke the news to us that she and lloyd had just made their down payment for their place in punggol! getting a place! that means marriage was in the picture and i realized that we were moving on to the next stage in life!

i patiently waited for the news of her engagement but didn't hear anything (which i guess is normal for singaporeans since you'll want to make sure your place is ready first before you plan your wedding). 
and then when i was home this past chinese new year (feb), i asked pris at dinner, "when are you getting married?" and she replied, "he hasn't proposed how do i tell you when i'm getting married?" hehe.

and then on june 26, 2013, i received a message from one of the dancers (gwen), "Omg big news! Lloyd is going to surprise pris with a proposal!!! He called me today. It's going to be on 11th july, 9 years and 99 days together!!"
i had so many emotions go through me at that moment. i was 1) so happy for pris because the day she's been waiting for is finally here, 2) touched that lloyd decided to include the dancers in his proposal plan and 3) sad that i'm so far away and can't be there to see her reaction or hug her when it first happens. 

anyway, as you can tell, i'm a very wordy person but words cannot express how happy i feel for pris!
i can't wait to see her walk down the aisle!
i also seriously can't wait to watch the video of the proposal and see photos from the proposal.
pris, you're going to be a gorgeous bride and lloyd, welcome to the family!
NYE 2008 (gwen, me, boons, YL, pris and lloyd)


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