Tuesday, July 9, 2013

walking on santa monica blvd;

i miss LA weather!
it is way too hot here in utah haha. LA was seriously perfect - i guess cause it's near the water.
anyway, i'm finally getting down to blogging about our fun weekend getaway to california!
so, i have this good friend called caressa and we became great friends in 2011. she's from the LA area and so while we were in college, she would fly home on the weekends all the time since it's only an hour and a half flight. 
well, she's always inviting me to go visit her in LA and so i finally looked up tickets and decided, let's do it haha (it's a lot easier when you're a working professional cause 1. you have an income and 2. when you're not at work, you're free to do whatever you want and you don't have to slog your weekend away doing homework or studying for tests). 
this is what went down during the trip - well, we mostly ate hahaha.

rissa and i flew on friday right after i got off work and we arrived in LA at like 7pm.
caressa was like, "worse time of the day worse day of the week" hahaha.
well, so we were stuck in typical LA traffic for a bit but it really wasn't bad at all.
we got to kyala in diamond bar for dinner at around 8:20/8:30pm.
kyala was pretty busy but we got a table pretty quick. all three of us got the combination dinner. i got the tonkatsu and tempura and it was good. only thing is, the sauce for the tonkatsu was too salty. 
rissa and i waiting to board the plane and leave slc! // caressa and i at kyala, finally reunited for the first time this summer 

after dinner, we headed over to ten ren on our way back to caressa's house for some yummy boba. let me tell you first that we had boba every single day we were there haha.
once we got to caressa's place, we were all so full and sleepy that we all just basically rolled around caressa's room.
and then caressa wanted to show us her backyard and the night view of the city from there. 
it was pretty chilly out and we ended up spending some time playing with her super cute chow chow. did you know that chow chows are my favorite dog haha.

day two: we slept in till pretty late and then headed over to dim sum at four seasons seafood restaurant with tiff. 
dim sum in LA is unbelievably cheap! the four of us ate like 10 plates of dim sum and only had to pay $7.50 each (tip included). now i feel so ripped off eating dim sum anywhere else!
the dim sum place was really crowded and it was kind of funny to see a whole restaurant of just asians. i seriously felt like i was in asia. 
typical chinese restaurant setting hehe
my favorite part of dim sum was right at the end when we had 4 items left on the table and we played rock, paper, scissors to see who got to pick first. and then when it was down to caressa's turn to pick, she was like, "but i hate all the things that are left on this table" hahaha. and tiff showed no mercy - she made sure that caressa ate it up and did not allow her to give it to her uncle at the next table hehe. 

after dim sum, even though we were full to the max, we had to try half and half boba since i had heard much about it and it was just next door to the dim sum restaurant. 
there was a pretty long line. so while we were standing in line, i saw the photos of how big the cups would be. the small cup looked short and small so i was like, "okay i should be able to drink one." and then as we moved further up the line and i saw people get their drinks, i got a shock of my life because the cups are short but they are also wide/fat hahaha so the amount in there was probably equivalent to a normal boba cup hahaha.
i got the iced milk (their specialty) with taro and honey boba. their honey boba was amazing but i wasn't a fan of the taro cause they cut them up into such huge chunks and so it makes it hard to drink the milk hahaha. and the funny thing is, i suddenly needed to go to the bathroom really bad halfway through my drink and we were stuck in LA traffic so i couldn't go right then and so i couldn't finish my drink hahaha. 
those cups are no joke haha. i loved the decor inside the store. 

anyway, after being stuck in LA traffic for a bit, we finally got to third promenade where we entered this multi-story parking that just never seemed to end. and then we reached the top and there was no parking! so we had to slowly make our way down the parking structure and thankfully, we found a spot on our way down. 
this amazing view greeted us when we came out of our car - paradise 
i loved third street promenade because it had shops, street performers to watch and it is just nice to be out and about walking when the weather is so perfect. amazingly, i didn't purchase anything! i just basked in the atmosphere and really liked it.

after we were done shopping, we took a little walk over to santa monica pier.
i love boardwalks!
it reminded me of coney island cause it had the little stores, it was by the beach and it had little carnival rides too. 
the view as we were walking there - there were so many cars! 

we stood here and watched this lady make this asian name art thing and we all tried to guess the name. we said everything from "joseph" to "josephine" to who knows what and then tiff was the lucky winner with "jonathan." how did we not figure that out hahaha.
being by the water just made me so happy 
we walked to the end of the boardwalk where we got a perfect shot with the santa monica pier ferris wheel in the background. girlfriends <3 
our pretty matching tour guide girlfriends 
touristy shot

after all that walking, we were basically famished and so we headed over to ktown where we had the cheapest all you can eat kbbq buffet at bud namu.
the service was good and fast and their kimchi was delicious (i had a lot of kimchi which helped with the digestion of the meat haha). 
these two nice hosts kindly did a lot of the cooking for us
so, you would think that after eating all that meat we would have been done with food for the day, right? well, not quite hahaha. all that meat left us craving for something opposite of savory - a sweet treat.
and at that moment, an ice cream macaron sandwich sounded like the perfect dessert. and so off we went to MILK where we had the perfect dessert ever.
the line was pretty long since it was after all a saturday night but it was worth it haha.
6 flavors to choose from // my blueberry crumble macaron ice cream sandwich 
tiff and i both got the blueberry crumble one and it was delicious. the only thing i didn't like was that they dipped half of it in white chocolate and so it was really sweet on the outside on one half of it hahaha. i don't like white chocolate haha. 

day three: so on saturday night, rissa and i basically knocked out after showering hahaha. caressa had to come in and turn off the lights for us haha. so, we didn't get a chance to discuss what we were going to do on sunday. i ended up waking up pretty early, around 9, and just got ready for the day. 
we ended up spending our morning hanging out in caressa's backyard, playing with her dog and just enjoying the view.
she loves to shake hands 
going crazy chasing the rabbit haha 
caressa's backyard // view from her gazebo on the hill 
view of the city from her backyard 
so adorbs

and then tiff came over and we went out to lunch at this malaysian restaurant called penang and the food was pretty legit.
we started off with curry puffs and roti prata for appetizers and then each ordered our own dish (tiff had beef rendang, caressa had pineapple fried rice, rissa had penang laksa and i had the char kway teow).
the curry puffs were really good 
caressa was like half awake hahaha
and, we even had dessert hahaha. i got the mango sticky rice and rissa got the pulut hitam. 
ahh love this. it made me think of bangkok haha.

and then the rest of the day was pretty chill. we stocked up on asian groceries from marukai, stocked up on asian bread from 85 cafe, shopped at the face shop and then got one last cup of boba from lollicup before heading out for the airport. 
it was sad to say goodbye and go back to reality but it was such a fun little vacation and some much needed girlfriend time.
and, i'm already thinking about when i can go back to california next haha.
big thank you to my amazing host, caressa


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