Sunday, August 18, 2013

officially missing you;

well, well, seems i have been missing in action since blogging about my birthday haha. my apologies. summer happened, that's all haha. 
speaking of summer, it is almost over and soon we will be back to the snow and the cold. urgh.
i like the cold better than the heat but i hate layering my clothes and driving in the snow/ice.

just received an email from the little sister and i miss her!
we just sent some emails back and forth cause she was asking me for some stuff and it felt like she was back and we were chatting through whatsapp or texts sigh. 
she's only in her third transfer! 9 more transfers to go haha. i love reading her emails and hearing her talk like a missionary though haha. reminds me of what i was like when i was on my mission haha. especially when she challenges us to do things hahaha!

speaking of my mission, lately, i've been reminiscing on the good ol' mission days haha.
probably triggered by meetups with my mission friends where we talk about mission memories.
last night i looked through mission photos, transfer by transfer and it brought back so many memories. it also reminded me of people who i had forgotten about. one of them stands out among them all and i think i'm going to try to see if i can contact her or something because she was seriously super awesome!

anyway, richard was in town this past week and so a bunch of us got together last night for dinner at city creek.
it was nice to catch up and to hear about the richmond branch.
it's crazy to think that richard has been baptized for 3 years now! and i love that him and his family (mom and bro) still attend church faithfully. definitely warms my heart!
and of course it's always fun to hang out with the mission best friend and his wife haha. i'm so excited that they're moving up north and that they will be closer to me now. here's to the mahjong nights and more time to hang out together hahaha.
richard's baptism april 2010
salt lake city august 2013

here are photos from the other two meetups with mission friends:
a bunch of us got together on pioneer day to write letters to the members in richmond/burnaby and then we got hungry and decided to go grab some dim sum together
sister wu was in town for the week and so she cooked a delicious meal for us on a friday night and we ended the night off with some mahjong

we were all such young silly souls just a couple of years ago when we were out in vancouver sharing something close and personal to our hearts to random strangers on the streets.
and now, a lot of us are finishing school, graduated, working, married, etc. and it gets harder and harder to get a whole group together. but it's always fun when we do because we are the only ones who would understand each other the most in terms of reminiscing on mission memories. 
i'm excited for the next stages of our lives. now that preston has a job, i can't wait to finally be able to hold his baby (hopefully some time soon haha *hint*)

and while i'm talking about the mission, i also had the chance to meet up with dearest amber (my companion in the missionary training center who served her mission in france) this past week.
we got together for a little picnic in murray park and it was seriously perfect since summer nights present the perfect weather for picnics.
we talked about her 9-week trip in europe (and her summer romance!) and it just amazes me that we went from silly 21 year olds to what we are now. 
silly us at 21
all grown up

okay, all done with my sappy sunday post.
back to reality. it's monday tmr sigh haha.


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