Monday, August 19, 2013

summer happenings;

while i'm actually making an effort to blog, i decided to blog about my summer happenings.
summer when you're not a student isn't actually fun (like i mentioned previously) because you have to work haha. nevertheless, i've been up to quite a bit and so here's an update:
1. lots of fireworks (for 4th of july and for pioneer day)

2. outdoor concerts/plays

3. baseball games
4. mahjong

5. fancy dinners

6. dinner parties

7. holiday festivities

8. cooking, baking and eating hahaha

9. working late

10. LAGOON! trying hard at the end of the summer to get some sort of tan so i won't be a white ghost for the winter haha

well, that sums up what i've been up to.
i hope everyone else has been having a great summer and enjoying the outdoors while i have been stuck in my office (with super cold ac) and catching glances of the summer sun through my window haha.
enjoy the rest of the warm weather!


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