Thursday, September 19, 2013


mooncake festival!
i've been wanting to blog about this but my schedule has been so crazy this week that i almost missed my chance! thankfully, it is still thursday here in the united states and so i am not too late haha. 
i'm actually blogging as i'm eating my lunch just so i get this done hahaha.

i am a big fan of all chinese festivals hahaha.
i don't know if it's cause i'm cheena or just cause it's my culture/i grew up celebrating these festival/it reminds me of my childhood. whatever it is, it's a big part of what makes me ME.
this year marks the first mooncake festival without my ah po and my cousin commented on how festivals like this have become so quiet and empty. 
when we were younger, we always made it a point to have a big family gathering and celebration during these chinese festivals because they matter to my grandmother and family is the one thing that makes her happiest. she was the glue that stuck us altogether and as such, created many great family traditions for us. 

i feel like as younger generations, we kind of take occasions like that for granted. some people may even go so far as to say it's very old-fashioned. because everyone is busy working and juggling the different things in their lives, people often do not take the time to gather if they feel like it would just be too much work to get everyone together. and trust me, to get four families together on a day and at the same time is a very tricky and challenging task. 
but those efforts result in such great happiness and strong relationships. 
i enjoyed those moments so much all through my growing years and loved bonding with my cousins - those are much cherished memories etched out in my mind. 
because of those nostalgic feelings i will always have, i want to make it a goal to do the same for my children in the future. 

anyway, needless to say, i'm throwing a party to celebrate mooncake festival tomorrow and i'm super excited! mooncakes, lanterns, good company. that is all you need. 
and just cause it's fun, here are some photos of previous mooncake festival celebrations over the years. so fun hehe. 
also, a special shoutout to my cousins who i miss dearly during such an occasion.
enjoy the moonlight - we may be far apart but we are looking at that same moon. 
i was not kidding when i said that this has been a longtime tradition - my cousins and i (back when there were only 6 of us! there are a total of 10 of us who were born and raised in singapore)
mooncake festival 2005 - 8 of us with ah po
mooncake festival 2006 - missing maine, charlene and rissa. and i love how you can see the moon in the background in this photo. 
one of our favorite things to do - light up candles at the local park after the lights from our lanterns were all out and before we started playing with the sparklers
sparklers - also another tradition, always playing with them and failing at writing cool words or making cute shapes hahaha
the cousins are also kind of obsessed with jump shots - a whole bunch of us including some adults! so much fun hahaha
mooncake festival 2009 - spotting the moon just as the sun was setting
it was my second transfer out in the mission field and we were out tracting that night haha - here with dearest kersti spjut
mooncake festival 2011 - eating mooncakes that were specially brought in all the way from singapore
also, lanterns all the way from singapore
with the singapore girls from our home ward
mooncake festival 2012
the beautiful colors

i wish i had more photos to document the rest of the years.
but it's okay because those memories are kept deep in my heart and i won't forget them. 
and i don't know if you noticed but ever since i was a little girl, i would always pick the green lantern hahaha (unless of course there wasn't one). 
green is my favorite color hehe.

anyway, i hope you all get a chance to enjoy the round moon and think about your families on this mid-autumn festival.
what a glorious occasion.


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